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Surname Taddy - Tyton

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* William Taddy Esq. Inner Temple

* Mr. James Taddy, Fenchurch Street

** James Taggart Esq. Chisleburst, Kent

* William Tash Esq. Broomfield House, Southgate

* John Tasker Esq. Baker Street, Portman Square

** George Taswell, Esq. Madras Establishment

* John Tayler Esq. New Broad Street

* William Taylor esq. Charlotte Street, Bedford Square

* Robert Taylor Esq. No. 8 Billiter Square

** Colonel John Bladen Taylor, Devonshire Place

* Elizabeth Taylor, Spinster, Southampton

* Anna Maria Taylor, Spinster, Southampton

* Stephen Teiffier Esq. 32 Lower Grosvenor Street

* Mr. David Teixeira D'Andrade, Amsterdam

* Abraham Teixeira de Mattos, jun. Esq. Amsterdam

* Jacob de Ishac Teixeira de Mattos, Esq.; Amsterdam

* Jofeph de Ishac Teixeira de Mattos, Esq. Amsterdam

* Mr. Jacob Teixeira, jun. Hague

* Abraham Teixeira, jun. Esq. Hague

* David Teixeira, jun. Esq. Hague

* Samuel Teixeira, Esq. Hague

* Joseph Teixeira de Mattos, Esq. Amsterdam

* John Temple, Esq.. Brompton, Middlesex

**** Sir Grenville Temple, Bart. Newton Park, Hampshire

* Peter Templeman, Esq. Lansdown Place, Brunswick Square

* James Tennent, Esq. Sianmore, Middlesex

Christopher Terry, Esq. Kingston, Surrey

** Lady Clara Elizabeth Tersmitten, Spinster Amsterdam

* Henric Tersmitten, Amsterdam

* Ann Test, Spinster, Bermondsey, Surrey

* Potter Test Esq. Great Portland Street

* Mrs. Theodora Agnetha van Teylingen, Widow, St. Bosch

* Hendrik Thesirgh, Esq. Hague

* Johann Daniel Friederich Thielcke, Esq. Queen's House

* The Rev. Thomas Thirlwall, Mile Ena, Middlesex

* Mr. John Thistlewood, Muscovy Court, Tower Hill

*** Colonel Lewis Thomas, Bengal Army, Messrs. Paxton's, Pall- Mall

* James Thomas, Esq., Dover Place, Kent Road

** Mary Dowager Marckioness of Thomond, Great George Street, Westminster

* Captain John Thompson, 2nd Royal Navy, Bryanston Street, Portman Square

* Mr. James Thompson, George Street, Hanover Square

* Mr. James Thomson, Swan Street, Minories

* John Thomson, Esq. Portman Square

* George Thomson, Esq. Chorley Wood, Herts

* Thomas Thornhill, Esq. Kingston Lisle, Berkshire

* John Thornhill, Esq. Charlotte Street, Bedford Square

* Henry Thornton, Esq. Bartholomew Lane

* Mr. Richard Thornton, Broad Street, Horsley Down, Southwark

* Claude George Thornton, Esq. Austin Friars

* Lieut. General William Thornton, Grosvenor Gate, Park Lane

* Stephen Thornton, Esq. Harley Street

* Elizabeth Thorp, Spinster, Dulwich, Surrey

* Mr. Richard Thresher, Strand

**** Mr. William Thwaytes, Fenchurch Street

* Robert Tidswell, Esq. Kimbolton, at Messrs. Reid, Irving, and Co.

* Matthew John Tierney, M. D. Brightelmstone

* Mr. William Timmins, Bethnal Green

* Alexander Tod, Esq. Alderston, near Haddington, North Britain

* James Tod, Esq. Edinburgh

* Edward Toller, Esq. Dectors' Commons

* Lieut. Col. John Tomkyns, Bengal Artillery

*** The Right Rev. George Tomline, D. D. Lord Bishop of Lincoln, Bugden Palace, near Huntingdon

* Captain Ranceford Tookey, 22 Arundel Street

* Marianne Clutterbuck Tookey, Spinster, Upper Clapton

** Sweny Toone, Esq.; Devonshire Place

** General Francis Torrens, Madras

** Major John Samuel Torriano, Kensington Square

* Rt. Hon. George Lord Viscount Torrington, Royal Navy

** Hester Tottingham, Spinster, Berner's Street

** Maria Theresia Tottingham, Spinster, Berber's Street

** Jane Mary Tottingham, Spinster, Berner's Street

* William Townsend, Esq. 11 Lower Grosvenor Street

** Gore Townsend, Esq. Honington, Warwickshire

* Richard Townsend, Esq. Newbury, Berks

*** Mr. Solomon Tozer, Ashburton, Devon

* Henry Trail, Esq. Hanover Square

* Mrs. Elizabeth Trail, Widow, Russell Square

** Peter Pare Travers, Esq. Fairfieid Lodge, Devonshire

* Mr. John Treacher, Paternoster Row

* Henry Tredcroft, Horsham, Suex

* Major General Thomas Trent, Madras

* Andrew Trevor, Esq. Howland Street

* Lady Maria Catherina Trip, Widow, Amsterdam

* Mr. John Henton Tritton, G. S. Lombard Street

** Richard Troughton, Esq. Hurley, Berkshire

**** Hutches Trower, Esq. Unsted Wood, Godalmin, Surrey

* Mr. Christian Tuck, St George's Place, St. George's East

* Mr. Henry Tull, Chamber House, Newbury, Berks

* Sir Robert Turing, Bart. Foveram, Aberdeenshire, or Hans Place, Chelsea

** Charles Hampden Turner, Esq. Limehouse

* John Frederick Tuftin, Esq. Fludyer Street, Westminster

** James Tweedale, Esq.; Stockwell, Surrey

* Richard Twining, Esq. Devereux Court, Strand

* Mr. John Twining, Strand

* Thomas Twining, Esq. Spratton Place, near Northampton

* Right Honorable John Delaval Earl of Tyrconnel

* Arthur Tyton, Esq. Custom House

Names of Members

A List of the Names of the Members of the United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies, 1815

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