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* Mr. William Palmer, Throgmorton Street

* The Rev. Henry Palmer, Fenchurch Street

* Archibald Paris, Esq. New Broad Street

* James Allan Park, Esq. Lincoln's Inn

* Captain William Parker, Royal Navy

* Sir William Parker, Bart. Melford Hall, Suffolk

* Hugh Parkin, Esq. Skirsgill, near Penrith, Cumberland

* Mr. William Parkinson, Winchester Street

** Thomas Parry, Esq. Berner's Street

*** Edward Parry, Esq. Gower Street

* Nicholas Segar Parry, Esq. Little Haddam, Herts

* Emelia Parry, Spinster, Gower Street

* George Parry, Esq. Egham Park

* Mr. Frederick Parry, Tavistock Place, Russell Square

* Richard Parry, Esq. Warfield, Berks

†* Richard Parry, Esq. Berners Street

* William Parsons, Esq. 15 Sloane Street, Chelsea

* Fletcher Partis, Esq. Paragon Buildings, Bath

* Jean Jaque Paschal, Esq. York House

* Captain Charles Pasley, Southgate, Middlesex

* George Paterson, Esq. Clapton

** Mr. William Paterson, Kingston, Jamaica

†# James Pattison, Esq. King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street

** Thomas Pattle, Esq. 3 Bryanston Street, Portman Square

* William Paxton, Esq. Queen Square, Bloomsbury

* Archibald Paxton, Esq. Buckingham Street, Strand

* Samuel Peach, Esq. Portland Place

* Mrs. Harriet Peach, Widow, No. 22 Crawford Street, Portman Square

* George Pearson, M. D. George Street, Hanover Square

* Mr. John Pearson, Golden Square

†† Henry Shepherd Pearson, Esq. Conduit Street

* General John Pechι, of the Hon. East India Company' s Service, of Kiswick, Cumberland

†* Augustus Pechell, Esq.; Portman Square

** General Sir Thomas Brooke Pechell, Bart. Princes Street, Cavendish Square

* Jane Peile, Spinster, Idol Lane, London

** Henry Hinde Pelly, Esq. Upton, Essex

* James Penleaze, Esq. High Cliff, Christ-church, Hants

†* Mr. Thomas Stallard Penoyre, Leadenball Street

** Edmund Pepys, Esq. Russell Place, Fitzroy Square

* Mr. William Hasledine Pepys, Poultry

** John Pepys, Esq. Berkeley Street, Portman Square

*** Mr. John Perkins, Stock Exchange

* Mr. John Perkins, jun. Gerrard Street, Soho

* John Perry, Esq. Gray's Inn

* John Perry, Esq. Brunswick Square

* Philip Perry, Esq. Brunswick Square

* 'The Rev. George Lockyer Perry, at Charles Hart's, Esq.; Kensington Road

* Le Chevalier Pictro Pesaro, Knightsbridge

* Mr. Henry Peters, G. S. White Hart Court, Lombard Street

†† Andrew Peterson, Esq. Wakefield, Yorkshire

* Erasmus Bulkeley Philipps, Esq. Haverford Weft

* Levi Philipps, Esq. Guildford Street

* William Phillips, Esq. 23 Grosvenor Place

* The Rev. William Joseph George Phillips, Ealing, Hampshire

*** Michael Pierrepont, Esq. Ryball, near Stamford, Lincoln/hire

**** Charles Pieschell, Esq. 26, New Norfolk Street, Park Lane

* Mr. Charles Pilgrim, Hampstead

* Mr. Jacob Abenatar Pimental, Bury Street, St. Mary Axe

* Mr. William Pinchback, Fenchurch Street

* Mr. Daniel Pinder, Black Friars

* Judica de Pinto, Spinster, Hague

* Mr. Aaron de Pinto, jun. Hague

* Mrs. Clara de Pinto, Widow, Hague

** Thomas Pipon, Esq. Brighthelmstone

* Lionel Place, Esq. Wigmore Street

* John Plaister, Esq. Wrington, Somersetshire

** The Rev. Alexander Platt, Abbots Langley, Herts

** Thomas Platt, Esq.; Stamford Street, Surrey Road

* Ann Platt, Spinster, Christ Church, Surrey

* Mr. Thomas Gregory Player, Maize Hill, Greenwich, Kent

** George Player, Esq. Ryde House, Isle of Wight

** Richard Chicheley Plowden, Esq. Devonshire Place

** Henry Chicheley Plowden, Esq. Newtown Park, Lymington, Hants

* William Plumer, Esq. Cavendish Square

* Sir Thomas Plumer, Knt. Lincoln's Inn

* Hall Plumer, Esq. Lincoln's Inn

* Thomas Plummer, Esq.; Philpot Lane

* John Plummer, Esq. Philpot Lane

* John Plura, Esq. Bath

* Rebecca Pocock, Spinster, Inglefield Surrey

**** Josias Du Pre Porcher, Esq. Devonshire Place

* George Porcher, Esq. Devonshire. Place

* Mr. Benjamin Potter, Mitcham, Surrey

* Joseph Pouget, M. D. Lympstone, Devon.

* Mr. John Williams Pouncy, Long Acre

* Mr. Henry Pouncy, Long Acre

* Margaret Powell, Spinster, Portman Square

* Lieut. Richard Power, Royal Navy

**** The Right Hon. Edward Earl Powis, Berkley Square

* George Powney, Lower Grosvenor Street

*** Thomas Poynder, Esq. Bishopsgate Street

* Mr. Thomas Poynder, Bishopsgate Street

* Mr. John Poynder, Bridewell Hospital

* Samuel Prado, Esq. Grafton Street

* Mr. William Prater, Charing Cross

* Mr. Charles Pratt, Tottenham Mills

* Mr. William Pratt, America Square

Guy Lenox Prendergaft, Esq. Bombay Civil Service

* Major General Robert Prescott, Harpenden, Herts

* Mr. William Willoughby Prescott, Threadneedle Street

*** Captain Charles Elton Prescott, Theobalds, Herts

* Sir Robert Preston, Barr. Frederick's Place, Old Jewry

** Thomas Preston, Esq. Nottingham Place, Mary-la-bonne

Captain D'Arcy Preston, Royal Navy

* Mr. John Priaulx, Guernsey

* Joseph Price, Esq. Monmouth

* Mr. Thomas Price, Leadenball Street

* Benjamin Price, Esq. Highgate, Middlesex

* Rev. Robert Price, D. D. Wimpole Street

* Thomas Price, Esq. Richmond, Surrey

** Alexander Pringle, Esq. Yaer, North Britain

* Mrs. Mary Prissick, Widow, 18 Keppel Street, Russell Square

* Mr. John Probert, Copthorne, near Shrewsbury

* Captain William Prowse, Royal Navy

** Major William Springham Pryor, Esq. East India Company's Service, Great Amwell, Herts

** George Purling, Esq. 9 Hertford Street, May Fair

* Caroline Purling, Spinster, Devonshire Street, Portland Place

Names of Members

A List of the Names of the Members of the United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies, 1815

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