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** Henry Abbott, Esq., Clements Inn

** Mrs. Christian Aberdein, Widow, City of Aberdeen 

* The Right Hon. George Earl of Aboyne, Orton, Huntingdonshire

* Thomas Abraham, Esq. Gurrington, Ashburton, Devon

* Alexander Adair, Esq., Pall Mall

* William Adair, Esq. Newton Lodge, near Norwich

* Ann Henrietta Adams, Spinster at W. D. Fellowes Esq. Holybead, Anglesea

*** Charles Adams, Esq., St. James's Place

* Elizabeth Adams, Spinster, Southampton Street, Strand

* Mr. John Adcock, Leadenball Street

* Mr. John Addinell, Bishopsgate Street

* Mrs. Anne Adeane, Widow, Harley Street

* Mr. Welbore Felix Agar, New Norfolk Street, Grosvenor Square

* James Agg, Norfolk Street, Strand

* William Agnew, Esq. Gower Street

* Mrs. Rebecca de Aguilar, Widow, St. Mary Axe

* Richard Annuity, Esq. Saville Row

* Joseph Alcock, Esq. Putney

* Thomas Alcock, Esq. Burwood Houfe, Cobbam, Surrey

* Mrs. Harriet Alderfey, widow, Wimpole Street

* Robert Alexander, Esq.; Garristown, Dublin

** Sir James Alexander, Knt. Epsom, Surrey

* William Alexander, Esq. Lincoln's Inn

** James Alexander, Esq. Wimpole Street

* Edward Alexander, Esq.; Powis, North Britain

** Colonel Alexander Allan, 26 Baker Street

* Thomas Alldridge, Esq. Marlborough Place, Kennington

* Elizabeth Allen, Spinster, Thomas's Street, St. John's, Southwark

* Thomas Allen, Esq. Stratford, Essex, St. John's, Southwark

* Mr. Charles Alfager, Bearbinder Lane

* John Anderson, Esq. At Mr.. Paxton's, Pall Mall

* Colonel Andrew Anderson, Baker Street

* James Anderson Esq. South Lodge, Edgeware

* Mrs. Ifabella Andrew, Widow, Hill Street, Peckham

* Thomas Harrifon Andrew Esq. Moss Hall, Finchley, Middlesex

* Mr. William Sandell Angell, Cornbill

** John Julius Angerftein Esq. Pall Mall

* John Angerftein Esq. Pall Mall

* Mr. Alexander Annand, Little Love Lane, Aldermanbury

* William Annand, Esq. , Little Love Lane, Aldermanbury

* Adam Annand Esq. Baliol College, Oxford

*** Mr.. Philip Antrobus, Craven Street Strand

* Captain Alexander Apfley, Baker Street, Portman Square

* James Henry Armand Esq. Pecq, near Paris

* Mrs. Margaretta Armstrong, Widow, Well Walk, Hampstead

* Thomas Armstrong Esq. Wimpole Street

* Elias Bruce Armstrong Esq. Portsmouth

* John Arthur, Esq. Stockwell Place, Surrey

* Mr. Thomas Ashton, Blackwall

* Matthias Aspden Esq. Richmond, Surrey

** William Astell Esq. Old Broad Street

* Henry Atherton Esq. Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex

* Mr. John Atkins, Walbrook

* John Atkins, junr. Esq. Walbrook

**** Michael Atkinson, Esq. Portland Place

* Edward Atkinson, Esq. Houghton, Hants

* Mary Avery, Spinster, Clapham, Surrey

*Mr. Stephen Auber, Elder Street, Spital Square

* Mr. John Auldjo, Finsbury Square

* James Peter Auriol, Esq.; Park Street, Grosvenor Square

*Mr. Richard Ayres, Inner Temple

Names of Members

A List of the Names of the Members of the United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies, 1815

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