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* Solomon Wadd, Esq. Basinghall Street

* George Waddell, Esq. Upper Fitzroy Street

* John Wade, Esq. Gravesend, Kent

* Thomas Wakefield, Esq. Wendover, Buckinghamshire

* The Rev Charles Wakeham, Bocking, Essex

* Mr. Luke William Walford, Little Winchester Street

** Mr. Fryer Walker, Bread Street

* James Walker, Esq. Edinburgh

* Thomas Walker, Esq. Russell Place, Fitzroy Square

* Mr. James Walker, Artillery Place, Finsbury Square

** Mr. William Walker, St. James's Street

* Mr. George Bourchier Walker, Bank

* Mr. John Walker, Warwick Place, Bedford Row, East India Agent

* Mrs. Sarah Walker, Widow, Wineobank, near Sheffield.

* Mrs. Barbara Walker, Widow, Blackheath

* Mr. Charles Wall, Bishopsgate Street

*** Robert Walpole, Esq.; 2 Austin Friars

** Edward Walpole, Esq. Dover Street, Piccadilly

* Angeneta Catharina Van Walree, Widow, Amsterdam

** Sir John Benn Walsh, Bart. Upper Harley Street

* Thomas Walshman, M. D. Kennington Row

* George Ward, Esq. Old Broad Street

* Elizabeth Ward, Spinster, Russell Square

* Mr. John Ward, Ludgate Hill

* George Henry Ward, Esq. Soho Square

* Mr. William Ward, New Broad Street

* Robert Wardlaw, Esq. Balcurvie, North Britain

*** Isaac Warner, Esq. Blackheath, Kent

* Mr. Edward Warner, Cornhill

* Mr. Thomas Courtenay Warner, Cornhill

** Thomas Warre, Esq. Stratford Place

* John Ashley Warre, Esq. Stratford Place

* Rev. John Warren, Dean of Bangor

* David Watson, Esq. Stamford, Lincoinshire

* Mr. Joseph Watson, Burr Street, St. Botolph, Aldgate

* Arabella Watson, Spinster, Well Walk, Hampstead

** Mr. James Watts, Moorfields

**** David Pike Watts, Esq. 33 Portland Place

* Lewis Way, Esq. Boswell Court

* Mr. James Webber, Balham, Surrey

* The Rev. Thomas Webster, D. D. Marlbro Buildings, Bath

* Samuel Weddale, Esq. Marlborough Place, Kennington

* Thomas Weeding, Esq. Guildford Street, Russell Square

**** George Samuel Wegg, Esq. Aeton, Middlesex

** Elizabeth Wegg, Spinster, Bloomsbury Square

** John Christopher Weguelio, Esq. New Broad Street

* Mr. William Andrew Weguelin, Basinghall Street

** Thomas Welch, Esq. 55 Harley Street

* Mr. Joseph Welch, Crooked Lane

** Abram Welland, Esq. Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square

* John Wells, Esq. Bickley Place, near Bromley, Kent

** William Wells, Esq. Redleaf, near Tunbridge

* Colonel Thomas Welsh, 12 Hertford Street, May Fair

* Charles Welstead, Esq. Valentines, Essex

* William West, Esq. Bride Lane, Fleet Street

* John Westall, Esq. Kingston, Surrey

* Captain Thomas Western, Royal Navy

* The Right Hon. Arnoud Jan van Westrenen, Utrecht

** The Right Hon. Jan Jacob van Westrenen, Lord of Sterkenburgh, Utrecht

*** John Weyland, Esq. jun. Cork Street

** Mrs. Susanna Whatman, Widow, Vinters, near Maidstone, Kent

* Mrs. Charlotte Wheler, Widow, South Street, Park Lane

* Grizel Whigam, Spinster, St. Martin's Lane

Capt. George Whitby, King's own Staffordshire Militia

** Mr. Henry White, Wood Street, Cheapside

* Anne White, Spinster, Kew Road, Richmond, Surrey

* John White, Esq. Doncaster

* Major Henry Vansittart White, of the Bengal Establishment

* Major Henry White, 12, Chesterfield Street, May Fair

* Thomas White, Esq. Paymaster General, Bombay

* Mr. James White, Chancery Lane

* Mr. Robert Whitehead, Fenchurch Street

*** Mr. John Whitfield, 31 New Bridge Street

* Admiral James Hawkins Whitshed, His Majesty's Navy

* George Whittinstall, Esq. Watford, Herts

* William Russ Whyting, Esq. Bryanston Street, Portman Square

* Sir Robert Wigram, Bart. 57 Portland Place

* Robert Wigram, jun. Esq. 10 Connaught Place, Hyde Park

* William Wigram, Esq. 31 Upper Barley Street

* Maria. Wigram, Spinster, Walthamstow, Essex

* Money Wigram, Esq. Portland Place

* Henry Loftus Wigram, Esq. Portland Place

* William Wilberforce, Esq. Old Palace Yard

* James Wildman, Esq. Much Hadham, Herts

* Mademoiselle la, Baronne Elisabeth Louise Maurice Charlotte leLeude Wilhem, Spinster, Devonshire Street, Mary-la-bonne

* The Rev. William Wilkieson, Woodbury, near Biggleswade

* Charles Wilkins, Esq. East India House

* William Wilkinson Esq. Streatham, Surrey

* Mr. Thomas Wilkinson, Chester

*** Thomas Wilkinson, Esq. Fitzroy Square

* Thomas Wilkinson, Esq. Binchester, County of Durham

** Thomas Wilkinson, Esq. Rookery, Yoxford, Suffolk

* Joseph Green Wilkinson, Esq. Welbeck Street

* Mark Wilks Esq. Madras

* Mary Willan, Widow, Bloomsbury Square

* Leonard Kilham Willard, Esq. Eastbourn, Sussex

* Sir Francis Willes, Charles Street, Berkeley Square

** John Willes, Esq. Hungerford Park, Berks

*** Robert Williams Esq. Birchin Lane

* William Williams, Esq. Birchin Lane

* Mr. John Williams, Phillemore Place, Kensington

* John Lloyd Williams, Esq. Alderbrook Hall, Cardinganshire

* Sir Thomas Williams, Captain of His Majesty's Ship Endymion

* Mr. Thomas Williams, Leadenhall Street

*** Major George Williams, Bath

* Mr. Timothy Williamson, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury

Mr. James Williamson, Charlotte Street, Bedford Square

* Mr. William Peter Williamson, Old Broad Street

* Mr. William Willis, G.S. Lombard Street

* Mr. William Wilson, White Lion Court, Cornhill

* Lestock Wilson Esq. Harley Street, Mary-la-bonne

* John Wilson, Esq. 16 Devonshire Street, Portland Place

** George Wilson, Esq. Lincoln's Inn

* Mr. William Wilson, Worton House, near Deddington, Oxford

** Mr. William Wilson, Minories

* Mrs. Mary Wilson, widow, Minories

* Thomas Wilson Esq. Tyndall Place, Islington

* Joseph Wilson, Esq. Milk Street, Cheapside

** Mr. George Wiltshire, Poultry

* William Windsor Esq. Chigwell, Essex

* The Hon. Henry Windsor, Harley Street

* Mr. Arthur Windus, Bishopsgate Street

* Edward William Windus Esq. Bishopsgate Street

* Thomas Windus, Esq. Bishopsgate Street

** Major General John Wiseman, 14 Cumberland Street, Portman Square

* Mr. Robert Wissett, East India House

* John Witherston Esq. Gower Street, Bedford Square

* William Wix Esq. Islington

* The Rev. Samuel Wix, St. Bartholomew the Less, London

* Michael Wodhull Esq. Berkley Square

* George Wolff Esq. American Square

* John Wolfton Esq. 2 Little Smith Street, Westminster

* Sir Mark Wood, Bart. M.P. Gatton, Surrey, or 73 Pall Mall

* Mr. Henry Wood, Henfield, Sussex

****James Wood Esq. Gloucester

* Mr. William Wood jun. G. S. Tetbury, Gloucestershire

* Mr. George Wood New Broad Street Buildings

* Mr. Andrew Wood, New Terrace, Leatherhead, Surrey

* Captain James Atholl Wood, Royal Navy

* Thomas Wood Esq. Littleton, Middlesex

* Elizabeth Woodfall, Spinster, New Broad Street

* Mr. Philip Henry Woodfield, Fenchurch Street

* Robert Woodmass, Esq. 19 Montague Square, Mary-la-bonne

* Mr. Thomas Woodruff, East India House

* John Woollett, Esq. Rye, Sussex

** John Woolmore, Esq. Queen Square, Bloomsbury

* John Wormald, Esq. Temple Bar

* Colonel Henry Worsley, Isle of Wight

* Mrs. Elizabeth Wrench, Widow, Camberwell Green,

** Robert Wright, Esq. Wimbledon

*** Blastus Godly Wright, Esq. Berner Street

* Mr. Thomas Wright, Oxford Street

* William Wright, Esq. East India House

* Mr. Richard Wright, 4 Swans, Bishopsgate Street

* Major Wright, Esq. Wellclose Square

* Charles Wright, Esq. Old Jewry

* George Wroughton, Esq. Berners Street

** Captain Charles Wyatt East India Company's Service, Ealing Grove, Middlesex

* James Wyld, Esq. Blumsdon, Highworth, Wilts

** William Wynch, Esq. 26 Grosvenor Place

* George Wynch, Esq. Grosvenor Place

Names of Members

A List of the Names of the Members of the United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies, 1815

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