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* Edward Gale, Esq.; St. Paul's, Shadwell

* Mr. James Gale, Mile End

* Samuel Galton, Esq. Birmingham

* Admiral James -Gambler, 3 Great Ormond Street

* Mrs. Jane Gambler, Widow, Lower Berkeley Street

* James Gammell, Esq. Greenock

* John Vincent Gandolsi Esq. Throgmorton Street

* The Rev. James Carpenter Gape, St. Albans, Herts

* Mr. John Garden, Piccadilly

* Samuel Gardiner, Esq. Coombe Lodge, near Reading

* Harriet Gardiner Spinster, Twickenham

* William Fullarton Gardner, Esq. Edinburgh

* Mr. Nicholas Garling, King Street, Bloomsbury

* Captain Joseph Garnault, Francis Street, Bedford Square

* Nathan Egerton Garrick, Esq. Blenbeim's Hotel, New Bond Street

** Edward Garrow, Esq. Totteridge, Herts

* Stephen Gaselee, Esq. Temple

** William Gee, Esq. Orpington, Kent

* Mr. William Geekie, Stock Exchange

* Captain William Gelston, 1 Great Coram Street, Russell Square

** William Gemmell, Esq. Weymouth Street, Portman Square

* Colonel Edward Gibbings, Cork

* Robert Gibbings, M. D., Cork

* Mr. Robert Gibbings, Coventry Street

* Robert Gibson, Esq. 26 Lombard Street

* Mr. Charles Frederick Giesler, Cheapside

* Gabriel Gillett, Esq. Guildford Street

* Mungo Gilmore, Esq Stamford Hill

* Ailan Gilmore, Esq. Stamford Hill

* John Allan Gilmour, Esq. East India House

* The Rt. Hon. George Earl of Glasgow

* Sir Richard Carr Glyn, Bart, and Alderman, Birchin Lane

* Mr. Henry Goldfinch, Lombard Street

*** Edward Golding, Esq. Maiden Early, near Reading Berks

* Mr. Asher Goldsmid, Leman Street, Goodman's Fields

** Edward Goldsmid, Esq. Finsbury Square

* Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, Esq. Spital Square

* Major John Goldsworthy, Ackworth near Pontesract, Yorkshire

** Isaac Gompertz, Esq. Golden Square

* George Gooch, Esq. Brunswick Square

* Mr. Jofeph Goodchild, Tooley Street

* The Rev. William Goode, Rectory House, Blacksriars

** Jasper Leigh Goodwin, Esq. Hoddesdon, Herts

* Mr. William Goodwyn, Purser in the Royal Navy

** Captain John Gordon, River Street, Bath

** Charles Goring, Esq. Rowdale, near Worthing, Sussex

* Thomas Talbot Gorfuch Esq. Queen Square, Westminster

* Francis Gosling Esq. Fleet Street

** Mr. William Gosling G.S. Fleet Street

* Mr. Francis Gosling Junior, Fleet Street

* Mrs. Sarah Gosse, Widow, Battersea

** George Gostling Esq. Doctor's Commons

** Nathaniel Gostling Esq. Doctor's Commons

* Mr. Alexander Goudge, No. 11 Spital Square

* John Calthorpe Gough Esq. Lincoln's Inn

* The Rev. Richard Thomas Gough Esq. Blakney, Newfolk

* Mr. Joseph Gough, Gracechurch Street

* William Gowan Esq. Bengal Military Establishment

** Mrs. Sarah Grace, Widow, Upper Guildford Street

** Thomas Graham Esq. Kinross, North Britain

* Mr. William Graham, Sen. Trig Lane, Upper Thames Street

* Mr. William Graham, jun. Trig Lane, Upper Thames Street

* Sir James Graham, Bart. Lincoln's Inn

* Thomas Graham Esq. Airth, Stirlingshire

* Sandford Graham Esq. Portland Place

* Right Honorable Sir William Grant, Rolls House, Chancery Lane

** William Grant Esq. Edinburgh

* Henry Grant Esq. Portman Square

** Charles Grant, Esq. 40, Russell Square

* Captain James Grant, Fort St. George

* Robert Grant, Esq. Russell Square

* Charles Grant, jun Esq. Russell Square

* General Malcolm Grant, Bombay Establishment

*** Charles Grant, Esq. Elchies, North Britain

* James Augustus Grant, Esq. Newfield, Nairnshire, North Britain

* Mr. Michael Gray, Homerton

* "The Right Hon. Francis Lord Gray, of Gray in Scotland

Mr. John Gray, Stock Exchange

* Mr. Robert Green, Harpsden, Oxon

* Sir Justly Watson Green, Bart. Skrewsbury

** George Green, Esq. Blackball

* Lieut. Colonel Thomas Greentree, East India Company's Service, Charlotte Street, Portland Place

* Charles Greenwood, Esq. Craig's Court, Charing Cross

* William Greenwood, Esq. Baker Street

* Mr. John Henry Louis Greffulhe, Cornhill

* Mr. John Louis Greffulhe, Cornhill

* Mrs. Catherine Greg, Widow, Hampton, Middlesex

** Francis Gregg, Esq. Skinners' Hall, Dowgate Hill

* The Rev. Edward Gregory, Langar, Nottinghamshire

* Arthur William Gregory, Esq. Wilcrost, Herefordshire

* Pascoe Grenfell, Esq. Spring Gardens, Charing Cross

* The Hon. Robert Fulk Greville, 1 Great Cumberland Street, Oxford Road

* James Grieve, Esq. Branxbolm Park, North Britain

* Mr. John Griffin, 21 Bedford Place, Russell Square

** John Griffith, Esq. Portland Place

** John Griffiths, Esq. New Burlington Street

* John Griggs, Esq.; Messing, Essex

* Abraham Grimes, Esq. Great George Street, Westminster

** Admiral Richard Grindall, Wickham, Hants

* William Groom, Esq.; Lincoln's Inn Fields

* Mr. Stephen Groombridge, Weft Smithfield

* Mr. George Grote, G S. Threadneedle Street

*** Mr. Paul Groves, Stock Exchange

* Mr. James Guillemard, City Road

* John Guise, Esq. Upper Baker Street

Names of Members

A List of the Names of the Members of the United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies, 1815

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