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Surname Da Costa - Duffen

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** Mr. Aaron de Raphael Mendes Da Costa, Amsterdam

** Mr. Mofes de Raphael Mendes Da Costa, Amsterdam

* Mr. Jacob de Raphael Mendes Da Costa, Amsterdam

** Sir George - - Dallas, Bart. Devonshire Street, Portland Place

** General Thomas Dallas, Hon. East India Company's Service

* Mr. Richard Dalton, Camberwell

* Thomas Daniel Esq. 12, Charlotte Row, Marylebone

* James Daniell, Esq. Billiter Square

* John Darby, Esq. 9 Great George Street, Westminster

* Robert Dashwood, Esq. Ware, Herts

* William Davidson, Esq.; 15 Foley Place

* Mr. James Davidson, Esq. Fish Street Hill

*** Henry Davidson, Esq. Bedford Square

* Thomas Davidson, Esq. Islington Green

* John Davidson, Esq. Chislehurst, Kent

* Mr. James Davidson, jun. Fish Street Hill

* Major James Davidson, East India Company's Service

** John Davidson, Esq.; Cork Street, Burlington Gardens

* Somerset Davies, Esq. 9, Hill Street, Berkeley Square

* Mrs. Henrietta Davies, widow, Homerton

* Lieut. Colonel William Bodycott Davis, Nottingham Place

*** Samuel Davis, Esq.; Portland Place

* Mr. John Davison, Fleet Street

* Mr. John Davison, jun. Fleet Street

*** Edwin Dawes, Esq. Winchelea, Sussex

** Susanna Dawson, Spinster 9 Portman Street

* James Hewitt Massy Dawson, Esq. Gloucester Place, Portman Square

* Major General George Deare, Woburn Place, Russell Square

* Mr. Benjamin D'Israeli, Church Street, Stoke Newington

Peter Francis De la Rive, Esq. Geneva

** Mr. Leonard Dell, Barnet, Herts

* Chevalier Ferdinand Jofeph Francis Ribaud Delia Cainea, Upper Seymour Street

* William Soper Dempster, Esq. Forfar, North Britain

* Colonel William Denby, Percy Street, Bedford Square

* Richard Caffyn Dendy, Esq. Leigh Place, near Ryegate

** William Dent Esq. Battersea Rise, Surrey

* John Dent Esq. Temple Bar

* William Dent Esq. Brickendenbury, Herts

* Julia Henrietta Countess Henry De Sales, Widow, Linslade, Bucks

* Sir Charles Desvoeux, Bart. India Ville, Queen's Country, Ireland

*** Mr. William Dick, Bengal Establishment

**** Mungo Dick Esq. Madras

* Samuel Dick Esq. London Wall

** Thomas Dickson Esq. Montague Street, Russell Square

* Mr. Caleb Dickinson, Pickwick Lodge, near Chippenham

* General James Dickson, Bath

** Captain Henry Digby, Royal Navy

* Captain George Digby, Royal Navy

* Mr. Thomas Dimsdale, G. S. Cornhill

* Mr. John Dimsdale, G. S. Cornhill

* Ann Dimsdale, Spinster, Hertford

* Henry Dinning Esq. Newcastle, Northumberland

* Jacob Diodati Esq. Nymegen

* Major General Alexander Dirom, Mount Annan, North Britain

* Mr. Samuel Dixon, Tower Street

**** William Dixon Esq. 8 Old Paradise Row, Islington Green

* Rev. Joseph Dixon, Sullington, Sussex

* Captain William Donaldson, Honorable East India company's Service

** Captain Rofs Donnelly, Royal Navy

** Thomas Dorrien Esq. Finch Lane

* Mr. Thomas Dorrien, jun. Finch Lane

* Mr. Robert Dover, Threadneedle Street

* Frederick Doveton, Esq. Upper Wimpole Street

* Fanny Doveton, Spinster, Richmond, Surrey

* Major General Gabriel Doveton, Beaumont Street, Devonshire Place

* George Douglas, Esq. Finsbury Square

* Samuel Douglas, Esq. America Square

* William Dowdeswell, Esq. Inner Temple

* The Rev. Andrew Downes, Witham, Essex

* William Drewe, Esq. New Street, Spring Gardens

* Mr. John Drinkald, Beer Lane, Tower Street

* Colonel John Drouly, Duke Street, Manchester Square

* Simeon Droz Esq. Portland Street, Bath

* Robert Alexander Druce, Esq. East India House

* Mr. Charles Druce, Billiter Square

* Captain Francis Drummond, Sloane Street, Middlesex

* Captain Adam Drummond, Royal Navy

** Mrs. Elizabeth Drury, Widow, Queen Ann Street, Westminster

* Sir James Duberly, Knight, Albermarle Street

** Lieut. Colonel John Duff, East India Company's Service, Goswell Street

*** William Duffin, Esq. York

* William Dumaresq jun. Esq.; Pelham Place, near Alton, Hants

* Sophia Dumergue, Spinster, Piccadilly

* Colonel William Duncan, Glensuir, Falkirk, North Britain

** Francis Duncan, Esq. No. 3 Charlott Row, New Road

* Mrs. Mary Duncan, Widow, Brunswick Square

* James Beveridge Duncan, Esq.; Blackheath, Kent

* Mr. Peter Dunkley, Cow Cross Street

** William Dunlop, Esq. Norfolk Street, Strand

* Mr. James Dunsmure, Lothbury

* Mrs. Sarah Duppa, Widow, Hackney

James Du Pre, Esq.; Grafton Street

* The Rev. Daniel Francis Durand, Guernsey

* Mr. Enosh Durant, King's Arms Tardy Coleman Street

* Marie Francoise Eleanora vander Duffen de Borgnivale, Spinster, Brussels

Names of Members

A List of the Names of the Members of the United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies, 1815

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