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Surname Falder - Fullerton

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* Joseph Falder, Esq. Alnwick, Northumberland

* Vere Fane, Esq. Temple Bar

**** John Fanshawe, Esq. Cavendish Square

* Penelope Fanshawe, Spinster, Chandos Street, Cavendish Square

* Catherine Maria Fanshawe, Spinster, Chandos Street, Cavendish Square

* Elizabeth Christiana Fanshawe, Spinster, Wimpole Street

* Richard Atherton Farington, Esq.; Manchester

* Samuel Fanner, Esq. Weit Wickham, Kent

* Mr. Richard Farmer, Kennington Common

* Mrs. Susanna Robiniana Farmer, Widow, Orchard Street

* Sir Walter Farquhar, Bart. Great Marlborough Street

* James Farquhar, Esq. Doctors, Commons

* Mr. Thomas Harvie Farquhar, St. James's Street

** James John Farquharson, Esq. Langton House, Dorfet

* John Farr, Esq. Cove, Suffolk

* Thomas Farrant, Esq. Northstead-house, Chelsfield, Kent

** James Farrer, Esq.; Bread Street Hill

* William Ward Farrer, Esq. Surrey Square

* Catherine Pruffia Farrington, Spinster, 69 Greenfield Street, Whitechapel

* Mr. Samuel Favell, Tooley Street

** Charlotte Faulkner, Spinster, 28 Grafton Street, Fitzroy Square

* Henry Fawcett, Esq. Portland Place

* Mr. Benjamin Fayle, Dove Court, Lombard Street

* John Minet Fector, Esq. Dover

** Thomas Fenn, Esq. Ballingdon, Essex

* James Fenton, Esq. Hampstead

** Robert Ferguson Esq. Charlotte Street, Rathbone Place

* Mr. Solomon Kelly Ferrier, Deal

** Mr. George Field, Bond Court, Wallbrook

# Mr. Salomon D'Angelo Finzi, New Street, Bishopsgate Street

** The Rev. Dr. Philip Fisher, Master of the Charter House, London

** William Fisher. Esq.; Yarmouth, Norfolk

** James Fisher, Esq. Yarmouth, Norfolk

* Paul Hawkins Fisher, Esq.; Stroud, Gloucestershire

* Thomas Fitzherbert, Esq.; St. James's Street

* Thomas Fitzhugh, Esq. Portland Place

** Mary Flaherty, Spinster, The Elms, Ringwood, Hants

* John Fleming, Esq.; Fitzroy Square

**** Ed ward Fletcher, Esq. Hereford Street

* Sir Charles Flower, Bart. Crescent, Minaries

* Elizabeth Powis Floyd, Spinster, Sidmouth, Devon

*** General John Floyd, 23rd Light Dragoons

** General Gordon Forbes, Ham Common, Surrey

*** John Forbes, Esq. Fitzroy Square

** James Forbes, Esq.; Hutton Hall, Essex

**** Charles Forbes, Esq. Fitzroy Square

**David Forbes, Esq. Broad Street Buildings

** Edward Forbes, Esq. Bath

* Michie Forbes, Esq. Aberdeen

* John Ford, Esq. Chauntry, Suffolk

* Mrs. Hannah Frances Ford, Widow , Clifton, near Bristol

* Sarah Forde, Spinster, Walthamstow

* William Forfsteen, Esq.; Hans Place, Sloane Street

* The Rev. William Forster, Ayston, Rutlandshire

* Mr. John Forster, 43 Upper Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square.

* James Forsyth, Esq. Lansdown Place

* Thomas Forsyth, Esq. 33 Doughty Street, Guildford Street

** Mrs. Jane Forsyth, Widow, Upper Wimpole Street

** Joseph Fofkett, Esq. Brighton

** Mr. Daniel Foffick, Crooked Lane

* Mr. George Fournier, Cheapside

* Francis Fowke, Esq. Mount Street, Grosvenor Square

* William Francklin, Esq. Lincoln's-Inn

* Mr. Richard Franks, St. James's Street

** Sir William Fraser, Bart, Queen Square, Bloomsbury

* Mr. George Fraser, City Chambers

* Alexander Fraser, Esq. Lincoln's Inn

** Lieut. Thomas Fraser, Madras Establishment

* Mr. Thomas Freeman, Loader Wall

* John Freeman, Esq. Judd Place, East, St. Pancras

* Sarah Freeman, Spinster, Rivershall, Boxted, Essex

*** Mrs. Hendrina Fremyn, Widow, Amsterdam

** John French, Esq. Holybourne, near Alien Hunts

* James William Freshfield, Esq. New Bank Buildings

* The Rev. Edward Frewen Frating near Colchester

** Mr. Benjamin Friedeberg, Castle Street, Houndsditch

** Mr. Mark Friedeberg, Castle Street, Houndsditch

* Sarah Friedeberg, Spinster, Castle Street, Houndsditch

* Mr. Peter Froft, Cheltenham

** Jonathan Fryer, Esq. Twickenham

* Elizabeth Fuller, Spinster, Cornhill

* Maria Fuller, Spinster, Cornhill

* Susannah Fuller, Spinster, Cornhill

* Richard -Fuller, Esq. Cornhill

* George Fuller, Esq. Cornhill

* Colonel Jofeph Fuller, Cornhill

* Lieut. Colonel William Fuller, 1st or Kings Dragoon Guards, Cornhill

* George Alexander Fullerton, Esq.; Easley End, near Staines

Names of Members

A List of the Names of the Members of the United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies, 1815

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