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Members of the United Company of Merchants of England

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A List of the Names of the Members of the United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies

Who appear Qualified to Vote at their General Courts

Note, Those marked ****, have four Votes; ***, three Votes; **, two Votes; *, one Vote; and are capable by their Stock, of being chosen Directors of the said Company. Those marked , though capable by their Stock of being chosen Directors, at the ensuing Election, on Wednesday, 12th April, 1815, are nevertheless not qualified to Vote. Those marked *, have one Vote.


Oath to be taken by Proprietors previous to Balloting

I, A. B. do Swear, That the Sum of One Thousand Pounds, or more, of the Capital Stock of the United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies, standing in my name, doth at this Time belong, and hath, for the Space of Twelve Calendar Months, actually belonged to me, in my own Right, and not in Trust for any Person or Persons whatsoever; and that I have been in the Actual Receipt of the Dividends and Profits thereof for my own Use, freed and discharged of all In cumbrances, which can or may affect the same, for the said Space of Twelve Calendar Months; or that the same came to me, within the Tune aforesaid, by Bequest, or by Marriage, or by Succession to an Intestate's Estate, or by the Custom of the City London, or by Settlement; and that such Stock has not been transferred or made to me fraudulently or collusively, on Purpose to qualify me to give my Vote; and that I have not before given my Vote on this Ballot.

So help me God

A List of the Names of the Directors of the United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies, for the Year 1814.

Years to serve from April 1814.

1 The Hon. William Fullarton Elphinstone, Chairman.

1 John Inglis, Esq. Deputy.

3 Abraham Robarts, Esq.

2 Charles Grant, Esq.

2 George Smith, Esq.

2 Sweny Toone, Esq.

2 William Astell, Esq.

3 Richard Chicheley Plowden, Esq.

3 John Hudleston, Esq.

1 John Bebb, Esq.

1 James Pattison, Esq.

2 Campbell Marjoribanks, Esq.

2 Sir John Jackson, Bart.

3 George Abercrombie Robinson, Esq.

3 John Alexander Bannerman, Esq.

1 James Daniell, Esq.

1 John Bladen Taylor, Esq.

4 Samuel Davis, Esq.

4 Robert Clerk, Esq.

4 Hon. Hugh Lindsay;

4 John Morris, Esq.

4 David Scott, Esq.

4 Alexander Allan, Esq. M.P.

3 William Stanley Clarke, Esq.

Part of the VII Chapter of By-Laws concerning Elections

It is ordained that if any Member of this Company shall, by Menaces, Promises, collusive Transfer or Transfers of Stock, or any other indirect means whatsoever, obtain, or Endeavour to obtain, any Vote for the Election of himself, or any other, to be a Director, and be thereof declared guilty at a General Court, to be called for that purpose, such person shall for ever be incapable of being elected a Director.

That no list shall be received for any Election, after the Glass is finally sealed up according to the Time prefixed.

That if, on the Scrutiny, Two or more Persons qualified for the same Office, have the same Christian and Surnames, and are not distinguished by their Additions, or if a wrong Christian Name in any List is placed to a Surname, when but one Person of the Surname is qualified, or literal Mistakes are made in Christian or Surnames: In every of the said Cases, the Majority of the Scrutinizers may determine the Person or Persons intended; but in case of the Scrutinizers being equally divided, the Question shall be decided by drawing Lots.

That previous to every Annual Election of Directors, at least Seven Months public Notice shall be given thereof; and two printed Lists of Names of the Members, who appear qualified to vote, shall be ready to be delivered, the First at least Five Months, and the Second at least Fourteen Days before the Day of Election.

That a List shall be published Fourteen Days before the Annual Election of Directors, containing the Names of such Proprietors, qualified agreeable to Law, as shall signify, in Writing, to the Secretary, their desire of becoming Candidates for the Direction, Sixteen Days before such Annual Election.

That in all Elections to be annually made of Six Directors for Four Years, in pursuance of the Act of Parliament of the 13th Year of his Majesty King George III. Cap. 63, each Proprietor voting shall give in a List, containing not more than Six Names of Persons duly qualified to be Directors; and if any List shall contain the Names of more than Six, or less than Five Persons duly qualified, who shall have declared themselves Candidates by giving Notice thereof, in Writing to the Secretary, Seven Days previous to the Day of Election, every such List, and all the Names therein contained, shall be totally rejected.

That in all Elections of Committees made by Ballot in a General Court, the same Method (so near as the Case will admit) shall be observed; under such Penalties as are before prescribed, concerning the Election of Directors.

A List of the Names of the Members of the United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies, 1815

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