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The following week I drove to The Paddocks on my 350cc Enfield motor cycle. My mother had bought it from Jo my brother and I had stripped it down and rebuilt it after having it resprayed. off I drove to call for my new date. I was immediately swept off my feet by the welcome accorded by Pamela’s parents. The maid showed me into a large sitting room and Pamela’s mother soon saw to it that I had a glass in my hand and invited to sit
while they called Pamela. When we were ready to leave Mr. Wakeling, Pamela’s father, saw us to the door but when he saw I had a motor cycle was not at all happy at the thought of his daughter-riding pinion. No, he would not allow that and offered us the use of the new standard eight-saloon car parked outside, instead! What alternative did I have but to agree and so off we went with the car to ourselves.
Upon our return from the cinema we found hot chocolate and biscuits had been prepared for us by their maid Connie. Pamela’s parents had gone to bed. So we completed our second enjoyable evening together. With the lure of the Standard car I began to date Pamela on a regular basis, showing her more affection and offering more attention in
order that I would be able to continue with such privileges.

At least once a week we went to the cinema often chaperoned by Pamela’s father, Eric. Mrs. Wakeling never came but would stay at home where usually she was visited by Uncle Syd who would come over to spend the evening with her and partake supper after we left. Sometimes we used the car and visited local beauty spots, on other occasions we went dancing.

Pamela enjoyed square dancing, which I tried to learn but without much success. I was a keen photographer and was able to develop my own film and enlarge the prints. With Pamela’s help and her parent’s permission we converted their old air raid shelter, at The Paddocks, into a darkroom. We installed darkroom lights and put in an enlarger and were able to process a great number of prints. At this time I was taking my National Diploma at the polytechnic in London’s Regent Street. Twice a week, Pamela’s parents would go shopping in London using their Jaguar. When they had completed their business they would collect me in the car from the Poly after which sometimes they would take me out to tea, much to the envy of my fellow students, for large cars like this


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