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Soon after Marie came on the scene. She was a lovely girl whom my parents and I had always known. Both our families were staunch Catholics. Both attended St Joseph’s church Wealdstone the . We started dating after we met travelling on a bus from Stanmore. Marie was so very sweet and clearly fell in love. I told her of my lost love, Marion and I suppose
she comforted me and would clearly do anything for me in an effort to ensure my happiness. I certainly took advantage of her love and know I must have hurt her in many ways. Together we went to the 1951 Festival of Britain; we made cinema visits, shows and dances.

I did not deserve Marie’s love but maybe I had a conscience although I doubt it. We started to have disagreements about just how far one should go before marriage my demands did not tally with the advice she was given by the priest and nuns that she knew. We started to see less of each other. My ardour had cooled, it was about this time I was invited to a Christmas Party which was where I met Pamela.

It was in December, I received an invitation to a party being given by Doctor O’Sullivan and his family. I persuaded my parents to let me use Brother John’s MG TC car for the journey to Ruislip where the party was to be held.

We all met first at the Doctor’s house, which was at the end of our road, some of the guests attending were there and they were already in pairs with the exception of one, a pretty girl of my age named Pamela Wakeling. So it was decided Pamela would travel with me to the party, in brother John’s sports car. So it was, we were paired for the evening. I had,

in fact, always known Pamela; we were neighbours living only a few doors apart in Elms road. Pamela was a very quiet girl and had little to say so keeping the conversation going throughout the evening was not altogether easy. I knew Pamela was the daughter from the wealthy family who lived in The Paddocks, a great house set back from the road and approached by a long drive. Naturally I was curious to see this house and find out how the rich lived! So thought it may be worth the effort pursuing the friendship.


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