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were still a rarity and a Jaguar a real status symbol. I had never been looked after so well, presents were always appearing and birthday gifts were beyond anything I had had before.

In 1952 the Wakelings invited me to join them on a cruise aboard the “Orcades”. Mrs Wakeling took me out and completely restocked my wardrobe which included, suits, shirts, shoes, dinner suit, bow tie – everything I could desire or want. I was speechless for I came from a family where every penny was important and now I was having vast sums of money spent on me. I really could not understand all this for I was still getting over a broken love affair and still acted out a “couldn’t care less” attitude.

So the romance progressed gently but steadily with careful manoeuvring from Pamela’s parents in the background. I finally asked for Pamela’s hand in marriage and as a reward we were promised a house as a wedding present from her parents. Everything looked wonderful.

    My Diploma Course was now in it’s final year and soon I would be sitting my Finals. During this last year, the College arranged a number of visits to factories and industrial sites for us students to learn how more about Industry and what was involved

One was to the New Esso Oil refinery in Fawley, this certainly was an impressive installation and the experience and what I learnt has remained with me ever since. Another of our days out was to the New Heathrow (London) Airport, which at the time was just being built. These trips were for us students to get better idea of what Engineering work there was available. We would soon be required to make application for a career.

During our visit to Heathrow we were introduced to representatives of a number of companies one in particular “The Bristol Aviation Co was of great interest to me, they were looking out for “Engineer design Engineers” for their Olympus twin spool Jet engine. This completely new High performance Engine was to be ahead of the market and clearly was to lead a new and highly efficient Gas turbine Jet Engine. I have always wanted to get into the Aircraft Industry and this sounded just what I wanted. I went along to the interview and felt I could have done well at Bristol but Pamela’s parents indicated that they would not allow me to take Pamela so far away from them. As it happened Mr Wakeling knew Handley Page whose aircraft works were in Radlett. Mr Wakeling gave me a letter of introduction, which I sent with my application letter and was asked to attend an interview with the Personnel Manager two weeks later.




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