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These sons of Rodri were called the three crowned Princes on account of their being the first to wear diadems around their crowns like Kings in other countries, before which time the Kings and Princes of Wales wore only golden bands.

Having married Augharad, the daughter of Meirig ap Dynfal, and sister and heiress of Gwyan ap Meirig, King of Cardigan, who was drowned in 870 or 871, Rodri acquired the Kingdom of Cardigan in her right and thus became Sovereign of all Wales. (Time of King Alfred of England.)

Cadell (2nd son 877-907)-Prince of South Wales-died 907. Became King of Ceredigion in 876. Defeated his brother Merfyn in 877 and took Powis from him. Took forcible possession of Powis on the death of Merfyn in 901.

In 892-3 Anarawd united with the English against his brother Cadell.

Cadell died in 907, leaving three sons, 

1-Howell Dha (the Good) 

3-Clydawc - Killed by his brother Meyric about 917.

Howel Dda (The Good 907-848)-Prince of South Wales, and later King of all Wales (died 948). He married Elen (died 943). Succeeded to his father's dominions in South Wales and Powis to which, on the death of his cousin Edward Foel, Prince of Gwyneth, 941-942. He added the Principality of North Wales and thus for a time again united the territories of his Grandfather Roderick.

He traveled to Rome in 926. His death was "sore bewailed of all men, for he was a Prince that loved peace and good order and that feared God."

He left eight sons, Owen-Run-Roderick-Dyfuwal-Edwin-Cynan-Meridith and Eineon-who, relinquishing the Kingdom of North Wales to Jevaf 


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