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and Iago (excluding their eldest brother Meyric), the sons of Edward Foel divided among themselves South Wales and Powis.
Owain-ab Howel Dda (eldest son, 948 to 985-7)-Began his reign over South Wales on the death of his father -948. Died 987 and was succeeded by his third son Maredudd of Owain, King of All Wales.

949-950 Jevaf and Iago warred against Owain and his brothers. 

952-Owain fought the battle of Aber Conwy in Gwynedd. The slaughter was so great, both sides retreated.

953- The princes of Gwynedd again invaded Cardigan and Owen and his surviving brothers drove them back with great slaughter. Jevaf and Iago were, however, finally successful, and established their power over all Wales.

958-Owen took from Morgan Mawr, Prince of Glamorgan, Ystradyw and Ewyas in the Vale of Usk, but Edgar, King of England, made him give them back.

962-Owain paid tribute of wolf heads to King Edgar. Owain had four sons:

1-Einion, who died in his father's life time. 

2-Cadwaellon, who died in 961. 

3-Meredith, and

4-Llywarch, who had his eyes put out by Godfrey, son of Harold, in 986.

Einion (eldest son by first wife, died 983)

967- Einion put the land of Gower to tribute. 

981-Checked and defeated the Danes at Caer Faes, in Cardigan.

982- In a hard fought battle drove back the Saxons who invaded his territory.
982- "The gentlemen of Swents-land rebelled against their Prince and cruellie slew Eneon, the son of Owen, which came thither to appease them." "A worthy and noble gentleman who did many notable


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