Ancient British And Welsh Ancestry Of The Davis Family Of Roxbury, Massachusetts

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Ancestors of Prince Cynan and his Daughter Essyllt. Reigned A. D.

  • Rodri Mollwynog 720-755 Usually lived on the Menai Straits
  • Edwal Iwrch 703-720
  • Cadwaladr 676-688 Last King of the Britons, A weak man, became a monk. Died at Rome. 
  • Cadwallon 630-676 "A cruel and faithless tyrant." Slain in battle.
  • Cadfan 603-630 
  • Iago 599-603 
  • Beli 586-599 
  • Rhun 560-586
  • Maelgwn Gwynedd 517-560

  • Caswallon Lawhir 443-517

  • Einion Yoth 389-443

  • Cynedda Wledig 340-389 

Descendant of Beli Mawr 

Rodri Mawr (Roderick the Great)-King of All Wales and of the Isle of Man 843-877, slain about 876-7 with his brother Gwriad in battle against the Saxons in Mon, on a Sunday. He married Augharad, heiress of South Wales. She also was descended in direct male line from Rodri Mawr's ancestors Cynedda Wledig and Coel Godebog to Beli Mawr.

Roderick was slain in the 89th year of his age, defending his country against the Saxons. He divided his Kingdom into three parts. To his oldest son Anarawd he gave the Kingdom of Gwynedd, or North Wales, to which A's son Edward Voel succeeded, who married the daughter of his Uncle Merfyn.

To Cadell, 2nd son, the Principality of South Wales or Ceredigion.

To Merfyn, 3rd son, the Principality of Powis. For each of these Kingdoms Rodri built a palace.


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