Ancient British And Welsh Ancestry Of The Davis Family Of Roxbury, Massachusetts

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Dehewaint Tegfan Gloff Coel Godebog (King of Britain). His daughter Elen or Helen, was married to the Emperor Constantius Chlorus (A. D. 250-306) and their oldest son born A. D. 272 or 274 was the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.


Gorwst Ledwrn Meirchion Gul Elidr Lydarwyn Llywarch Hen-" The warrior bard, Llywarch Hen, Prince of the Strath Clyde Britons, with his family was driven from his dominion by the Picts and Scots." Hospitably entertained by Cynddylan, King of Powis, he and his sons assisted C. in his battles against the Saxons-About A. D. 600-613.

Diwg Gwyar Tegid Alfer Sandde Elidr Gwriad or Uriet (King of the Isle of Manaw or Man)He married Nest, daughter of Cadell, Prince of Powis, the descendant of Brochwel Yseithroc, King of Powis, thence descended in direct male line from Gwriad's ancestor, Coel Godebog. Nest was sister and heiress of Concenn (or Cyngen) ap Cadell, Prince of Powis, who died at Rome A. D. 854.

Merfyn Frych (Merfyn the Freckled 817-843)-King of Powis and the Isle of Man. Also King of Gwynedd or North Wales by right of his wife Essyllt. He was slain about 838-844 in battle with Berthrwyd, King of Mercia. He married Essyllt, daughter and heiress of Prince Cynan Tindaethwy who reigned from 755 to 817 and whose ancestors were the following named Kings and Princes.


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