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A Biographical Peerage Of The Empire Of Great Britain

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The family of Manners first attained the peerage by the marriage of sir Robert Manners, in the reign of Edward IV. with Philippa, eldest sister and coheir of Edmund, lord Roos, of Belvoir-castle, in Lincolnshire; in consequence of which, his son George had the title of lord Roos, in 1487, after his mother's death. He married Anne St. Leger, a niece of king Edward IV. and died 1518 King Henry VIII, created his son Thomas earl of Rutland, 1525 and he died 1543. John, ninth earl, was created duke of Rutland by queen Anne, 1703, and died 1711, aged 72. John, his grandson, third duke, died 1779 ; and was succeeded by his grandson, Charles, (son of the well known marquis of Granby, who died 1770) which fourth duke died lord lieutenant of Ireland, 1787, aet. 33.
     His grace is fifth duke, born 1778, and married, 1799, lady Elizabeth, daughter of Frederick, earl of Carlisle. He takes no active part in politics; but is fond of the sports of the field.
     Female Descent.] Roos, St. Leger, Paston, Vernon, Pierrepoint, Montagu, Noel, Russell, Sutton, Seymour, Somerset.
     Chief Seats.) Belvoir-castle, on the borders of Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and Rutlandshire, round which he possesses a large tract of estates ; and Haddon-hall, Derbyshire, a most curious old mansion, now uninhabited; also Chevely-park near Newmarket Sussolk.
     Heir Presumptive.] Lord Charles; who, as well as lord Robert, the other brother, is in the army.
     Younger Branches.] The archbishop of Canterbury, colonel Sutton, lord Manners, General Manners, &c.



The great Scotch family of Hamilton are supposed to have been originally of English extraction ; but the present house are Douglases, by the male line. William, earl of Selkirk, son of William marquis of Douglas, married Anne, duchess of Hamilton, niece and heir of William, second duke of Hamilton by whom she had James, born 1658, who having married the heiress of Digby, lord Gerrard, by which he obtained a good English estate, was created duke of Brandon 1711 ; a grant which being supposed poled to be contrary to the articles of union, was not allowed to give him a seat till within these few years. He fell in a duel with lord Mohun, as well as his opponent, 1713, James, second duke, died 175 1. Douglas, his great grandson, fifth duke, died 1799.
     Archibald, now sixth duke, is uncle to the late duke, born 1740, married Harriet, Pilser to the late earl of Galloway, by whom he has two sons and three daughters.  His grace has rather pursued the amusements of a private, than the ambition of a public life. He is ninth duke of Hamilton.
     Female Descent.] Gerrard, Spencer, of Rindlesham.
     Chief Seat.] Hamilton-palace, or castle, in Lancashire.
     Heir Apparent.] Alexander, marquis of Douglas, called up to the House of Lords, 1806, and sent, early in 1807, ambassador to Petersburg.
     Younger Branches.] Lord Arechibald Hamilton, member of parliament for Lancashire, who has distinguished himself in the House of Commons, &c. &c.


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