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Pamela’s father had died in 1973 and her mother suggested we enlarge our house by building an extension which would allow her to come and stay overnight with us when she visited us in Camberley. She offered to pay off the four thousand pounds, of outstanding mortgage we had on the house.

At the time I thought this offer was made because Mr. Wakeling had only left Pamela five hundred pounds in his will. Which from any point of view seemed very mean, but there was another reason. With all debts on the house now paid Mrs Wakeling now persisted that the house deeds should be put in Pamela’s name alone. Feeling grateful for her financial assistance we agreed and the family solicitor prepared new deeds. What I had not realised was the solicitor had prepared a new Will for Pamela, which she duly signed at the same time as the house deeds and all was filed away. About 10 months after Mr Wakeling died we started to get Large Tax demands from the Inland Revenue These demand were actually taxes of the Wakeling family estate but were addressed to me as the next Male responsible in line relative. They amounted to many hundred thousand pounds such sums I had no hope of finding. I send them on to the family solicitor who said don’t worry he would deal with it but as nothing did get done and the demands kept being sent to us we then found the tax inspector called with two bailiffs!

The Bailiffs stayed a few hours making lists of our furniture left only to returned the next day. We said the solicitor was dealing with the matter and they eventually left us in piece.

Many years later we discovered that according to the new will Pamela had signed our house would go into Trust upon her death and I would to leave the property. Thank God we saw this will before such a scenario arose! Our children have since advised their mother to rewrite the document in a more conventional manner, securing a roof over my head should I ever be widowed.

The extension to the house never materialised because there was a disagreement between the Architect and the builder. We decided to purchase a larger house with a spare room for Mrs. Wakeling to occupy. We found our ideal home, Heathway House, a new house which was nearing completion. This house was in easy walking distance of the railway station and Camberley town centre.

When all the legalities had been completed I organised our move over a period of four days. I managed the whole removal by myself using our Volkswagen Caravan and the low loader trailer

We spent more than twenty-five happy years in Heathway House. And it was from this home that our three children were married. Pamela and I had agreed that the master bedroom, dressing room and ensuite bathroom would not be used by the family and kept for Mrs Wakeling they were never used by the family for over 20 years. Mrs Wakeling never came to stay but when she visited would always check them out and complained if they were not perfectly cleaned and ready for her occupation

Only in 1992 did we decide to use them ourselves for Mrs W no longer visited us. I decided to become self employed during 1979 taking on any work that was offered and advertised as an Odd Jobber gradually the customers answered my advertisement. Work came in for Electrical and television repairs and wiring, Clearing blocked drains, roof tiling, carpentry work indoors and out, car repairs and spray painting, House decorating indoors and out, Fence repairs, tree felling, I would not turn down anything.



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