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He opened a door and literally pushed us both in!. By the time we had grown use to the dull light he was gone and the room was revealed with a bathroom and One large bed! It looks like we will have to share I said to Yvonne have you any objections? She answered no she was too tired to argue and so we bedded down together and a very sound sleep.

We arrived in Belgrade the following day and I went to see our agent deliver the spare parts and to sort out his problems. I was not allowed to go to the exhibition to repair the machine myself for I had not got the required special pass but I was able to give the service engineer details and sketches to help him realise what could have gone wrong and after a couple of visits by him to the machine and within an hour the boom had been lowered and the machine was moved to itís correct position at the show.

In the meantime Yvonne was ready to explode for I had not left her any Yugoslav cash, actually I had not had time to change any cash having been using my credit car. Poor Yvonne needed the toilet urgently but when she used the public loo she had nothing for a tip and the attendant was not going to let her get away with it! All ended happily and I was able to get help from our agent

The journey home was at high speed and we managed to get to Belgium by Friday with some hours to spare before our boat sailed so we call in our cousins in Leige, unfortunately everyone seemed to be away so we continued our journey to Ostend. We caught a late evening boat which docked after midnight. When we passed through the Passport control we used our own passports and explained that when we left UK we had been told we would be allowed to return even if abroad we might have a few difficulties. We had no problem and we were home again. I dropped off Yvonne about two am and returned home again after quite an eventful trip.

I stuck with the job four more years but again I was called to travel all over Europe, Africa, and the Middle East while also running schools hundreds of miles apart. The help I was promised did not materialise though my boss promised. I decided to throw in the towel. But now I was over fifty and jobs were near impossible to get a reasonable position It was toward the end of 1980 and industry was cutting back



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