Ancient British And Welsh Ancestry Of The Davis Family Of Roxbury, Massachusetts

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Cuhelyn-Uniformly prudent and mild. His wife was the learned Marsia who drew up the Marsian Laws, which King Alfred later translated from Welsh into English. When her husband died she reigned conjointly with her son Saisyllt until her death.
Sitsyllt or Seissyllt or Saisyllt-seven years old when his Father died-at his Mother's death became sole monarch.
Daw or Daned-Succeeded his brother Cynvarch as King of Britain Sixth Century before Christ.

Monrydd or Morydd-Of great talents, but immoderately cruel-handsome, liberal and unmatched in his Kingdom for strength (Gorvyniawn-oldest of his five sons succeeded him and reigned fifteen years-buried in London-a good man).

Elydnog or Elidr (War)-Placed on the throne on the deposition of his brother Arthal, but restored Arthal who then reigned ten years till he died. Elidr succeeded -two younger brothers imprisoned him till they died, when Elidr again occupied the throne and died after twenty-one years reign.
Ceraint or Geraint-Reigned 5th century B. C. Cadell-Succeeded his father on the throne. In his reign an expedition left Britain under Yrp Lluyddawg, settled in Greece and never returned.


Poror Porrex

Ceraint or Ceryw-His sons Fulgen, Eidal and Andras succeeded him as Kings of Britain the fourth century before Christ.
Andryw or Andras-obtained the sovereignty of Britain after his brother Eidal or Eidav. Urien-Succeeded his father on the throne fourth century B. C.


Clydog-King of Britain. Clydno-King of Britain. 


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