Ancient British And Welsh Ancestry Of The Davis Family Of Roxbury, Massachusetts

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Aedd (Mawr)

A prince among the first colony of the Britons who crossed over from the Continent and became the first monarch of the Isle of Britain.

Prydain-The one who first consolidated the several states of Britain into a general union, which elected a supreme head. Before this, there was no justice nor law, but that of the stronger. The Isle of Britain was called Ynys Prydain in honor of him. Before being Clas Merddyn, or the Sea Girt Isle, and then Y Vel Ynys, or Honey Isle.

Dyonvarth (Hen).

Dyonwal (Moelmud) - The old records conflict, and these last two may be the same man instead of Father and Son. A great benefactor to his people. Hywel Dda made great use of his laws and King Alfred is said to have had them translated into Anglo Saxon.

Beli-Oldest son of above-had a violent contest with his brother Bran, resulting in a divided Kingdom. Beli had South Britain, and Bran all North of the Humber. This lasted five years when Beli obtained entire control. Bran next brought troops from Gaul, but on the eve of battle their mother reconciled them. Next year the two brothers invaded Gaul, defeated all enemies en route to Rome and were bought off by the Romans, with money tribute and 24 hostages. The Romans, helping the Germans against them, they returned to Rome, took the city and Bran remained there as Emperor. Beli returned to Britain, built the gate in London called Belinsgate, created a high tower over it on which, in a gold vessel, his ashes were put when he died.
Gwrgant (Varvdrwch) -Succeeded his Father on the throne of Britain. A peaceful character but vigorous in war when it arose. Warred against Norway and Denmark and gave lands to the Irish in Ireland, which. their descendants still retain. He died after a reign of fourteen years.


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