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actes in his father's time. "He was a young man of high promise and a leader of great judgment and personal bravery."

Slain in the battle of Pen Coed Colwyn, in Gwent 982-983.
He left three sons.

1-Edwyn-Slain in battle of Clunog, where his monument is still to be seen bearing inscription " Edwini Occisio." He left two sons who long strove for possession of their Kingdom, and for 79 years from death of Meredith ap Owen to accession of Res ap Tudor Mawr in 1077, the rightful heir, is one continued record of civil war and bloodshed.

2-Tudor-Slain in battle of Llangwn in Dinmael, in 993.

3-Cadell ab Einion.

On the death of Owain, his son Meredith assumed the government of North Wales and Powis, and also of the Kingdom of South Wales, to the exclusion of the sons of Einion, his eldest brother.

Cadel ab Einion.

Tewdr ad Cadell-He married Nesta, daughter of the Earl of Devonshire and had two sons.

1-Res ap Tudor, ancestor of the Sovereign Princes of South Wales.

2-Goronwy, Prince of Te,g Eingle in Gwynedd.


Res ap Tudor Mawr, in rightful succession acknowledged Prince of South Wales 1077-died 1093. Was founder of the second Royal Tribe. In 1080 he joined Griffith ap Cynan, founder of the first Royal Tribe of Wales and fought Trahearn, ruling Prince of North Wales on the Hills of Carvean in Cardiganshire. In this battle Trahearn was slain, and the victory established Res and Griffith upon their thrones. 1080-1081 William the Conqueror came into Wales with a great army. The Welsh were unprepared and made no resistance. 1093-Res met the rebellious Welsh and Normans near Brecknock and fell gloriously in the 90th year of his age
and the 14th year of his reign. With Rhys sunk the sun of South Wales and all its glories.

(From this time on, our ancestors were out of the succession in the reigning line, J. D.)


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