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A Biographical Peerage Of The Empire Of Great Britain

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This family have been seated at Broome, in Suffolk, from the reign of Richard II. when John Cornwalleys, of Brooms, son of Thomas Cornwalleys sheriff and merchant of London, 1378, left John Cornwalleys, who was member of parliament for Suffolk, and died 1446. 
Frederick Cornwallis, nephew, (by the elder brother) of sir Charles Cornwallis, ambassador to Spain, whose numerous letters appear in the state-memorials of those days, waited on Charles I. in his journey to Spain, 1623, and was afterward, an active loyalist, and returning from exile with Charles II. was created a baron, April, 20, 1661 ; he died Jan. 31, 1671. Charles, third peer, his grandson, married, first, a daughter of sir Stephen Fox, by whom he was grandfather of Charles, created earl Cornwallis 1753, who died 1762.  Charles, his son, second earl, born 1738, went through all the gradations of a military life; and distinguished himself in various great employments ; having had a high command in the American. war, having been entrusted with important powers of negotiation in thelate war with France, and having been twice sent with the chief command to the East Indies, where he died in the service of his country, at Gauzepoor, in the service of his country, at Guazepoor, in the province of Benares, Oct. 5, 1805. He was advanced to the dignity of marquis Cornwallis, Aug. 15, 1792.
     Charles, his only son, the present marquis, was born Oct. 19, 1774. In 1797, he married lady Louisa, fourth daughter of the duke of Gordon, by whom he has several daughters. He seems disposed rather to a retired than an active life.
     Female Descent.] Jerningham, Mewtas, Ashburnham, Playsted, Fox, Butler of Arran, Townfhend, Jones.
     Chief Seat.] Culford, near Bury, Suffolk, on which the late marquis expended large turns in repairs and improvements; but the soil is wet, and the situation possesses no advantages of nature. The external appearance of the house, which is modern, is neither splendid nor large.
     Heir Presumptive.] To the earldom, his uncle, the bishop of Litchfield and Coventry.
     Younger Branch.] Admiral Cornwallis is another brother of the late marquis.


Sir Edward Seymour, the speaker, temp. Charles II. who died 1708, and was ancestor of the present duke of Somerset, had a younger son Francis, who succeeded to the estate of Edward Conway, earl of Conway. This Francis, by his father's intercession, was by queen Anne created lord Conway, March 17, 1703: he died 1734. By his third wife, Katherine Spotter, sister to lady Walpole, he had Francis, second peer, who in 1750 was created vicount Beauchamp, and earl of Hertford. In 1763, this earl was sent ambassador extraordinary to France; and in 1765 was appointed lord lieutenant of Ireland. On July 5, 1793, he was created earl of Yarmouth, and marquis of Hertford; he was also knight of the Garter: he died June 14, 1794, having supported the character of nobility, according to the fashion of more dignified times, with much credit and splendor. His brother, field-marshal Conway, an ingenious man, well-known in the fashionable and political world, and father of Mrs. Damer, died 1795.
Francis, now marquis of Hertford, born 1743, formerly, while lord Beauchamp, took an active part in the House of Commons; and is supposed to have passed a life not devoid of ambition, knowledge of business, or power of talent. He feels the pride, perhaps the just pride, of supporting the dignity of the great house of Seymour ; and, though some may be occasionally piqued at their loftiness, it cannot be denied that the family of Hertford supports the dignity of nobility. He married, 1st, Alicia, second daughter and coheir of vicount Windsor, of Ireland; and, 2dly, Isabella Anne Ingram Shepherd, daughter and coheir of Charles, vicount Irvine, of Scotland, by whom he has an only son.
     Female Descent.] Popham, Shorter, Fitzroy.
     Chief Seats.] Ragley, Warwickshire; and Sudburn-hall near Orford, Suffolk.
     Heir Apparent.] Francis Charles, earl of Yarmouth, born 1777, married, 1798 miss Fagniani, and has issue, Richard, vicount Beauchamp, born 1800.
     Younger Branches.] Lord Robert Seymour; lord Henry; the sons of lord Hugh; lord William; and lord George.

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