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thus cutting out the house agent. It was sold to Dr. Barnardos to be used as one of their homes but a neighbour objected so it had to be resold.

Jack had a second home, a cottage in Barnham, Sussex which he had been purchased in 1958 for Patís mother, up until then she had always rented places. Jack and Pat thought it would be ideal to use as their own retirement home as they both liked Sussex. They bought it without viewing the inside as they were going to buy the adjacent cottage, they put in an offer.

Jackís Father had owned an estate agency in Croydon. They had resided in the area until his father Charles died in August 1939. He liked sport and every one knew him as a generous man.

Following his fatherís death, his mother sold up and moved to Chelmsford for a short period before taking a flat in Bognor Regis, where she died in August 1944. Just a week after a Fly Bomb had fallen near by. Jack was still in the Army and this happened while he was stationed close by awaiting his embarkation to France. Jack was able to be with his mother until the end. His mother was an outgoing person who loved parties. In her single days she had a great time with lots of fun.

Coming from a family of six girls and one brother Jack who had died in the First World War. They were all outgoing people. After the parties Jackís father would always drive everyone home.

He had a quiet manner, sometimes moody but always-kindhearted Jackís family owned a lot of wire-haired terriers. His uncle used to breed them and as a judge at Crufts was an expert in the breed. Any dogs that were not up to show standards were brought into the family. Sometime this could be a problem. One chewed its way through Jackís trouser pocket to get at some sweets. The terriers were rather excitable but in later times Spaniels became the choice.

The car age came for Jack in 1927 when his father acquired the new shaped Morris, which followed the bull nose Morris. The car had side screens and pull over roof. Once mobile he visited the entire Kent coast, including Margate and Cliftonville. All the family went him it was like a ritual. Jackís mother was a Londoner, and his grandmother was a true cockney, born within the sound of Bow Bells at Stoke Newington. She was born in the family home but they later lived in Sheerness.

Jack had plenty of attention and lots of toys to play with. If he wanted anything his mother would see he that he had it.

Jack and Pat had a very happy time in Kenya. Marilyn and John stayed on after Jack took an eighteen-month contract in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This was a project for implementing the World Bank road maintenance and improvement schemes. The roads were in a very poor condition in those days. The consultants he was with had done a report and wanted it put into action with results that would justify the original study costs. A team was made up of engineers and surveyors to complete the project. Counties divided the island into areas with old English names. Place names used were similar to those in the U.K. Jack went to West limb I opted for the St. James and Cornwall area that included Montego Bay.

When he arrived he stayed in Kingston the capital, not a nice place and crime was rife. The North coast has developed and many stars, including Noel Coward and Ian Fleming, were attracted to the luxury hotels.



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