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     I have never grown up and have always loved playing with toys! When we had children of our own it was a good excuse to go out to the toy shop and see what we could buy for them for I wanted to play with these lovely toys myself. Pamela and I loved looking around these shops to see if we could find something special. We bought them the usual model cars, areo plans and trains for John and dolls houses and dolls with dresses for the girls.
When Pamela was a child her father Mr Wakeling got his carpenters to build a garden house, which was called “Pamela’s Chalet” It was quite large and was constructed on a terrace alongside the Paddocks. It had an entrance porch with a door opening into a single room which had a fireplace at the far end, all in wood and

painted with a fire burning in the grate. They also supplied a small round table with four chairs suitable for small children. Pamela and her friends spent many happy hours playing there.

Some years later when we had our own boy and girl and were living in Wembley we decided to make something similar.. We designed our own Wendy House and thought it might prove popular with Vanessa and John. I started work laying a foundation slab at the end of the garden. On this we built the Wendy House using Breeze Blocks and bricks.

At the time we had two surplus doors which the builders had discarded after they had completed decorating our own house These doors were of no use because they were slightly twisted but when I cut them into 4 equal rectangles they made ideal Wendy house doors these became the door size throughout the house

The layout was arranged with the front door opening into a lounge from which access lead into the kitchen which had a sink made from a plastic basin all plumbed up with water from a small tank mounted in the roof space. The kitchen had fitted tables and wall cupboards A cooker was constructed of wood. The back door lead out of the house at the side. A central chimney built of brick with a small brick fireplace.

We have always thought this little house was the best thing we ever made for the children for they spent hours playing out there, rain or shower. They might not eat their supper in our own kitchen but if they were given it in the little house it was always finished. Only trouble was they would make mud pies and wash them down the sink drain blocking up all the pipe work!

At this time I was doing quite a lot of wrought iron work and needed somewhere to store my steel bar & strip. So at the other side of the garden I built a store shed to look like a church with a spire which hinged down giving access to my steel bar within the steeple.

When we were living in Duffield, Derbyshire. I built a scale model Zepplin, This


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