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them out. This was Ethnic Cleaning on a grand scale making Hitler’s Gas Chambers more like a holiday picnic. At least Hilter gassed the Jews he wanted to be rid off! While the Dominicans burn as many during the Inquisition.

From an early age I was taught the God had no beginning nor end he knew everything for he was everywhere nothing was not known to him, but I fail to understand why his prophets should report back to him cannot be required for he knows what is happening already. Knowing the future and our inner thoughts means God knows what we are going to do before we do it. So how can we change anything for no matter what we might do to change it. This applies to Prayer for if we pray for something why should Go change anything for to do so indicates he had made a mistake in the first place and this he cannot do!

From history we learn that by the third century AD no one pope existed there were bishops of Rome, Antioch, Alexandria all having supreme authority within their respective regions but not over all Christendom which by then was spreading throughout the then known world, reaching Britain in the West and India in the East.

The Emperor Constantine though a Pagan and unbeliever, decided to summon all Christian leaders to the First “World Council” in 325 AD to Nicaea which is now Iznik in North-west Turkey Here Constantine had a huge palace. Some of the delegates had great distances to travel, which took them sometimes many months.

The subjects for discussion were to try to provide a formula on which the whole gathering could agree. A “Statement” was to be made and set out this become the “CREDO” which all Christians know today Constantine urged all council delegates to sign a revised statement of faith, those who signed stayed on as Constantine’s guests for celebrations but those who refused were banished. Although no gospel regarded Jesus as GOD, the Jewish teacher was now declared Very God through all eternity. A whole new theology would flow from this. From my own searching John 14.23-29 Jesus said the words his followers heard from him” You hear not mine but the father’s”.. He also states “The Father is greater than I”

On the shrine marking St Peter’s grave Constantine erected a giant basilica, which would assume yet more grandiose proportions as the behest of the power-seeking popes of the Late Renaissance jostling to make the Bishop of Rome supreme pontiff over all Churches. “You know that among the pagans their so-called rulers lord it over them, and their great men make their authority felt. This is not to happen among you” (Mark 10:41) Equally neglected was the memory that the true first head of the church had been a humble Jerusalem Jew called James! the brother of Jesus. This is born out in (Mark 6:3) “This is the carpenter, surely, the son of Mary, the brother of James and Joset and Jude and Simon? His sisters too, are they not with us?”

From the “Creed” it is stated that Jesus rose from the dead but I find it would be easier for me to accept his rising from the dead to rather mean they thought he died but he made a recovery. It certainly was the same Jesus they saw after the crucifixion and whom Thomas could have passed his fingers through the holes in his hands but I think it was a Jesus who had recovered ! Clearly he had been taken down from the cross after only a short period of time, usually the condemned man would remain there for a far longer period.

Jesus was not officially medical examined as far as I know to check if he was really dead, he was handled by his friends. He was rapped in linen and carefully laid in



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