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that at the conclusion I was cheered and clapped.

I also made good use of the home built video recorder prior to our move to Camberley in 1970. Being portable I took it with me when travelling down from Derby to look for a new home. It proved to be most useful, for with three children Pamela found it difficult to travel from Duffield and it was left to me to find our new home in Camberley. With the convenience of a free railway travel pass I could go south quickly and cheaply.

On just one visit I viewed twenty-five properties. I recorded views of each of the houses, together with its position in relation to other properties and amenities. The videos included my comments of the properties and these helped to show Pamela details of the houses had visited. Using this approach we were able to choose just the house Pamela wanted.

After our move to Camberley I took Pamela around to see most of the other houses the agent had recommended us. Pamela confirmed that the one chosen from the video was just as she expected as were those we rejected. Just why Estate Agents donít adopt this method of selling I cannot say. For the price of a blank tape a house can be shown and sold without the need of an actually visit in the initial stages.



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