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after my leg. There was some bleeding but as time passed the hole gradually closed and the wound began to heal. We got to Dover safely with all our camping equipment. We then boarded the cross channel steamer for Calais.

When we left the ferry at Calais our trip nearly came to an end for we almost had another accident! This time the bike got caught in a wide tram line which Jo could not steer out! This time with my leg in a sling I was helpless and had to go where the bike took us happily we did get out in the end and continued our 600 mile for Switzerland. We camped on the way a couple of nights and when we got to Geneva camped on the lake side in a small camping site.

Jo had been busy writing cards and letters to Pat Rawlings during the whole journey I think he sent at least 3 a day! and now he only wanted to stay at the camp writing letters to her. Poor Jo was in love!! So I went alone to see Marion. Being on the United Nations staff she had a great number of tours which we could take free of charge.

Marion also arranged for us to visit the United Nations Headquarters and other places of interest in Geneva. But Jo was on another planet dreaming of Pat. So I went alone with Marion and fell even more in love with her!! The journey back from Geneva was uneventful and all the time my knee was mending. I was replacing the dressings night and morning it still had an open wound and it bled a bit it but it was getting better and I could bend it a little and no longer had to hold it in a sling when ridding the bike.

To welcome the New Year I managed to obtain tickets for the Chelsea Arts Ball at the Albert Hall it was a wonderful celebration with plenty of food, despite the rationing. I was so happy with my wonderful girl but within a few weeks, while in Khartoum, Marion had decided to end our romance. She wrote a letter saying she did not think we were suited and although I knew in my heart she was right I was heart broken and have never really got over her.

I felt the chance of happiness in love had passed me by and I no longer cared about the future, or what might happen. I dated other girls but they never came up to Marionís qualities. It was like I had touched heaven and nothing else could attain such high wonders of happiness.



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