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leaving! Her face and hands looked very brown to me1 perhaps my explosive had dried out properly over night!

I found GunPowder was a lot more difficult to manufacture than I had expected from the reference books available to me. I knew I had the mix right but was unable and too impatient to mill it to the right consistency. I used most of the Gun powder mix I made for my rocket motors and when I required star explosions or other explosive I had to fell back on Potassium Chlorate and Sulphur which would detonate easily.

Such a mix could be filled into small bag mounted outside the base of empty cannon shell case the shell case was filled with some sand and the end was plugged using a short stick cut to hold a cardboard tail. When this shell was thrown against anything hard the head would explode with a load bang. Our house in Harrow Weald was pebbling dashed, at least it was but it lost a lot of pebbles during my tests for I used the wall for my test area.

Making fireworks has always been a hobby of mine some of the rockets were huge with cases 6-inch dia and over. When we lived in Wembley I demonstrated one of the larger cases using a boom handle for a stick! It flew very well indeed almost out of sight in the daylight sky, it did return two doors away on the roof of Pamela’s Aunt Marion, it passed straight through the tiled roof and ceiling to settle in the bathroom much to Auntie’s dismay.


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