Ancient British And Welsh Ancestry Of The Davis Family Of Roxbury, Massachusetts

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Ychtred or Uchdryd-(2nd son) Lord of Cyfeiliog and of Teg Eingle. One of the fifteen peers of N. Wales Married 1st Nesta or Agnes daughter of Llywelyn Enr Dorchog, Lord of Irl and of Ystrad Alun (son Philip of Cyfeiliog md. Janet) married 2nd Augharad daughter of Maredudd ap Bleddyw, Prince of Powis ( or, a lion rampant gules)- married 3rd a daughter of Rhys Sais ab Edwyfed Lord of Chirk. Cadwgan ab Bleddyw, Prince of Powis, gave to Uchdryd the cantrefs of Mirion, Penllyn, and the commots of Mawddwy and of Cyfeiliog. 1095Uchdryd and his brother Hywel and the sons of Prince Cadwgan came into Dyfed and Ceredigion and devastated the castles and lands of the Normans and slew them unsparingly wherever they found them, and then returned home with immense booty. 1096William Rufus, King of England went to revenge this slaughter, but the Welsh prayed to God (?!) met the great army of the King, slew them without fear, and sent Rufus back empty-handed and with great shame. Uchdryd 's brother, Owain, sided with the enemies of his country and was called Vradur, or the Traitor. Other Welsh nobles joined him and the Princes Gruffyd ab Cynan, and Cadwgan ab Bleddyn fled to Ireland. 1113-Einiawn ab Cadwgan with his cousin Griffith, besieged and took the Castle of Cymmer in Meirionydd, which belonged to Uchdryd, Lord of Cyfeiliog, and which Uchdryd had built, and took from him the Provinces of Meirionydd, Cyfeiliog, Mawddwy and Penllyn, and divided the territories between them. Prince Cadwgan ab Bleddyn had given these districts to Uchdryd because Iwerydd, mother of Owain and Ychdryd was full sister of his father, Bleddyn ab Cynfyn and he hoped Uchdryd would have been a faithful friend to himself and to


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