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Wickham-Market Parish

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Wickham-Market or Wikham

The nuns at Campsey were formerly possessed of this parish church, with the manors of Wickham, Gelham, Harpole, and Bing: these were previously vested in the Ufford family. The latter, at the dissolution of that house, were granted to Anthony Wingfield, Esq., and passed as their other family estates, to the Nassaus, Earls of Rochford; but the advowson of the vicarage remains in the Crown.

The rectorial tithes of this parish, Pettistree, and Bing, are vested in trustees for charitable uses. There is a stipend of 40 a year, or thereabouts, charged by Mr. Sayer on his estate in this parish, payable to the vicar, for reading prayers that part of the Sunday when there is no sermon: it was formerly paid by Mr. Leman, to whom Mr. Sayer devised this estate; and since, by Mr. Robt Rede, to whom the same had been granted by his aunt Leman, the daughter and heiress of the Leman family.

Gelham Hall, in this parish, is now in the occupation of Mr. John Blake; Harpole (or Thorple), of Mr. William Thurlow, of Dalinghoo.

CHARITIES. The town lands in this parish appear, by a recent survey, to contain 39A. 29p., of which about one acre, called the Chapel Meadow, is freehold, in the parish of Hacheston, and the remainder is of copyhold tenure, situate in the parish of Wickham. The specific uses for which the Chapel Meadow was held, do not appear; but of the copyhold part of the Old Town Lands, one fifth was anciently surrendered in trust, for the reparation of the church, payment of the tax of Wickham, and the support of the poor of the town: the other four-fifths were anciently held for the good of the town of Wickham, that is to say (as expressed in the writings), "for apprenticing one poor boy, yearly, of the said town." The New Town Land was purchased for 320, or thereabouts, of which the sum of 300 was given by the will of Mrs. Ann Barker, in 1730, to be laid out in the purchase of houses or lands upon trust, that two-thirds of the profits thereof should be yearly applied towards the benefit of the poor, either in a workhouse or otherwise, and the remainder to be applied to the teaching poor children of the parish to read and write. The rents of this property amount together at present, to 131 12s. 6d. a year. The right Rev. Thomas Wood erected another hospital at Clapton, in the parish of Hackney, Middlesex, and for the endowment of the same charged his Barham estate, as mentioned in the foregoing parish of Ufford, for the support of four poor persons in this parish. In pursuance of a decree of the Court of Exchequer, the yearly sum of  21 is paid as a rent charge, out of the estate of Barham Hall: coats are supplied, as in the other bequest at Ufford, and the men are at liberty to continue to inhabit at Wickham. The trustees of Mills's charity, at Framlingham, send 5s. worth of bread every quarter, to be distributed among poor persons of this parish.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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