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Wenhaston Parish

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Wenhaston or Wenadestdna

The early possessors of this lordship were the same as those who held the manor of Walpoole, in this hundred; and it passed in the same way. The family of Mikelby had some interest here; in 1373, Julian, relict of John de Mikelby, of Wenhaston, in Suffolk, was buried in the burial-place of the Charnel Chaplains, in Norwich.

"There are several manors in this parish, namely: Thorington Hall, Thorington Whimples, Bliburgh Priory, Mells, and Bramfield. The manor of Wenhaston Grange did formerly belong to the Abbot and Convent of Sibton, who sold it to Thomas Daly, of Norfolk. The great tithes did formerly belong to the cell of Bliburgh Priory, but are now in the possession of Robert Sparrow, of Worlingham. The vicarage is in the Suffolk family. But the Crown has presented the three last turns. The Earls of Suffolk presented always before 1772. The parish church consists of a middle and north aisle, and contains many monuments to the Leman family, to whom Wenhaston Hall (now taken down) belonged." MS. penes J. L. Ewen, Esq., inserted in "Wake's History of Southwold."

CHARITIES. The town estate, which comprises a building in four tenements, anciently called the Guildhall, granted by the Prior and Convent of Blyburgh; four acres of copyhold land, vested from a remote period, in trustees, for the reparation of the church, and the use of the poor; and about 16 acres of land, formerly waste ground, understood to have been granted by the lord of the manor of Blyburgh, in or about the year 1770, is let at 41 a year, and the rent is applied in lieu of a church rate. In 1562, William Pepyn, by will, gave a pightle, called "Dose Mere Pightle," to trustees, for the maintenance of a free school, within this parish, for the instruction of poor children, in learning, Godliness, and virtue; and Reginald Lessey, by his will, dated in 1563, gave a piece of copyhold land, near Blyburgh, called the "School Meadow' containing about three acres, for a similar purpose. By deed, dated in 1794, the property under Pepyn's gift, was conveyed, by the description of four parcels of land, with a house, called the Schoolhouse, built upon one of them, containing together, in the whole, 3A. 2R. 26p., which produce a yearly rent of l6; and Lessey's lets at 10 a year. These rents, after deducting for necessary repairs, are paid to a schoolmaster, for instructing poor children of the parish in reading. writing, and arithmetic. Mary Collen, by will dated in or about 1680, gave a rent charge of 3 a year, out of an estate in this parish, towards the relief of six poor widows, resident in Wenhaston, as should have most need of relief; subject to a proviso, that the same should cease, if the churchwardens should not keep in good repair the monument and ornaments which she had placed in the chancel of the said church, in remembrance of her husband, John Collen. In 1826, the Rev. Thomas Leman left, by his will, 100, to be given to the poor of this parish, at the discretion of the parishioners.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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