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Trimley St. Mary Parish

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Trimley St. Mary

In the reigns of King Edward IV. and Richard III., this was the lordship and demesne of John, Duke of Norfolk, he being a firm adherent to the house of York; but after the battle of Bosworth-field, when King Henry VII. obtained the crown, John de Vere, Earl of Oxford, whose estates had been forfeited during former reigns, were now restored, and, amongst others, this manor, which descended to his posterity.

This parish church stands in the same churchyard with the church that belongs to Trimley St. Martin. The steeple now hangs in ruins, and is overshadowed with a luxuriant tree, forming a picturesque object. The church was probably built by Thomas of Brotherton, son of Edward I., for his arms are still to be seen over the door of the steeple.

CHARITIES. In 1669, Ellis Kindge, by his will, devised a copy-hold estate, held of the manor of Trimley St. Mary, for the use of the poor; it comprises a cottage in two tenements, with a garden adjoining; a piece of meadow ground, containing 2R. 16p., and a garden of 1R. 24p.; and two fields, containing together about 9 acres; which altogether brings a rental of .16 12s. per annum. In consequence of suggestions from the Charity Commissioners,, and some animadversion on the part of some of the parishioners, the estate has since been surveyed, and a valuation made, which amounts in the gross to .21 5s. per annum. A piece of land called the "Town Pightle, "containing somewhat above half-an-acre, and on allotment of four acres, which was set out for the poor on an inclosure, in 1804: the rents, amounting together to .8 17s. a year, are distributed at Christmas among poor persons of the parish. An allotment of four acres, which was set out for the poor under an inclosure act, passed in 1808, let on a lease at the annual rent of .10; which is expended in the purchase of coals, which are distributed among the poor at Christmas. In the printed returns of Charitable Donations, made in 1786, mention is made of a legacy of .20, given by William Barbour, but no part of the money remains, and no account can be given of it.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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