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Sutton Parish

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Suttuna or Suthtuna

The demesne of this parish was anciently held by Richard de Glanville; and in 1764', was the estate of Nicholas Bacon, and William Chapman, Esqrs.

In the time of Queen Elizabeth, the manor of Fenhall, in this parish, was vested in the B unveil family, until the middle of the last century: it is now the property of B unveil Edwards, Esq., who resides in the manor house. The manors of Sutton Hall, Talvas, Stockerland, and Campsey, are vested in H. Walker, Esq.

In the year 1390, the church was impropriated to Bruisyard Nunnery; and at the dissolution, granted to Nicholas Hare, Esq., it subsequently passed to Sir John Rous, Bart., and is now the property of his representative, the Earl of Stradbroke.

A seal appendant to a charter of Johanna de Stanvil, to Robert, son of Robert Saava, of lands in this parish, undated, but supposed to be temp. Edward I., is engraved in the Gentleman's Magazine for 1794, p. 425.

CHARITIES. Sir Michael Stanhope, by deed dated the 16th of King James I., granted to trustees, in fee, certain yearly rents, amounting in the whole to 48, out of the demesne lands of the manor of Valence, lying in Blaxhall, and four other parishes in this county, that the same should be yearly bestowed upon the poor people inhabiting within certain specified towns or parishes, in this county. The rent-charge particularly appropriated to the poor of this parish, is .4 a year, from which 16s. is deducted for land tax. In 1687, Susannah Burrell surrendered her lands and hereditaments, held of the manor of Staverton with Bromeswell, upon trust, that out of the profits thereof her trustees should pay to the churchwardens of this parish, 5 4s. a year to buy bread, and weekly distribute the same among the poor of the said parish. It appears by the parish terrier, that a Mr. Bloss, of Belstead, gave the sum of 1 a year to the vicar, for two sermons, to be preached on St. Thomas's day and Good Friday, yearly; and also 2s. 6d. to be given in bread, on each of those two days, to the poor of the parish; and that the said payments are made by Sir Robert Harland, Bart., of Wherstead Hall.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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