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Stutton Parish

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The families of Braham, Lancaster, and Fincham, appear to have been interested here (see Cattiwade hamlet, in Brantham and Capel). In 1300, William de Visdelieu, of Shotley, was owner of the lordship of this parish.

Stutton Hall was for many years the property of the knightly family of Jenny. John, son of Sir Isaac Jenny, resided there in 1655, and his son, William, in 1686. It was afterwards the property of the Mays; and was sold by Mr. Thomas May, to Lionel, 3rd Earl of Dysart.

Crowe Hall, in Stutton, formerly belonged to the Bowers; but now to John Page Bead, Esq., who resides there.

The Rectory is the seat of the Rev. Thomas Mills, M.A., situated upon the banks of the Stour, commanding an extensive view upon the river; the grounds are studded with some of the most beautiful trees, and form altogether one of the most delightful spots to be found in this, or any other county.

In the church are monuments for:

Lady Jane, wife of Sir Isaac Jenny, of Stutton, Knt., who died January 7, 1 623, aged 58.

John, eldest son of Sir Isaac Jermy, Knt., who died in 1062, aged 61.

Susannah, wife of Richard Enock, M.A., rector of this parish, who died January 15, 1709-10.

Mrs. Bridget Allan, daughter of Mr. Alexander Smyth, youngest son of Sir Thomas Smyth, late of this parish, who died January 18, 1777, aged 76.

William Jermy, late of this parish, died Oct. 5th, 1669, aged 35.

Sir Isaac Jermy, Knt.

John Smythe, who died August 14th, 1530.

Richard White, M.A., late rector of this parish, died Feb. 2, 1747, in the 54th year of his age.

The Rev. Tobias Rustat, A.M., upwards of 40 years rector of this parish, who died Jan. 14th, 1793, aged 77.

Sarah, wife of the Rev. Tobias Rustat, who died May 6th, 1801, aged 76.

CHARITIES. A piece of land, containing somewhat more than one acre, lets at 4 4s. a year; and the sum of 100, three per cent, reduced annuities, was purchased with money arising from the sale of a cottage, formerly belonging to the poor, and an addition made thereto by the parish. The rent and the dividend of the stock are added to the money received at the sacrament, and laid out, partly in bread, and partly in coals, which are distributed to the poor.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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