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Stratford St. Andrew Parish

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Stratford St. Andrew or Straffort

In the 9th of King Edward I., the Prior and Convent at Butley held some interest or share in the lordship of this parish.

Roger, son of William de Kerdeston, and Margaret his wife, who was created Knight of the Bath (with Prince Edward, of Carnarvon, son of King Edward I.), Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, in the 5th of Edward III., Governor of Norwich Castle, summoned as a Baron to Parliament, in the 6th of that King, and deceased in the 11th, seized of this lordship.

Maud his wife, survived, and had this property assigned as part of her dowry; which descended, after her death, to William de Kerdeston, their eldest son and heir, aged 30 at the decease of his father. In the 13th of King Edward III., he obtained a license to make a Castle of his manor house at Claxton, in Norfolk: he was summoned to Parliament in the 28th of that reign; and in the 33rd was summoned to be of Council to Thomas de Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester, the King's son; Custos of England, during the King's absence in France; and died seized of this manor in the 35th of that reign.

In the 26th of the said King, he designed settling this manor on the Master and Chaplains of the Chantry of St. Mary, in Claxton church; and in the 26th of King Henry VI., a patent was granted to settle the said manor, with tenements here, for the foundation of a chantry there: which manor was said to be held of the Prior and monks of Thetford; probably in trust for that purpose. This house had interest in the tithes of this parish, of the gift of Half Fitz Walter, and Maud his wife.

William de Kerdeston was found to be son and heir of the above William, by Maud, his first wife; but by another inquisition, John, son of John de Burghersh, and Maud his wife, daughter and co-heir of Sir William, de Kerdeston, and Margaret his second wife, daughter of Edmund Bacon, of Gresham, was found to be his heir; and various law-suits ensued upon these inquisitions, in order to prove this William to be illegitimate.

In the 3rd of King Henry VI., a fine was levied between Thomas Chaucer, Esq. (son of the poet), and Maud his wife, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Sir John Burghersh, querents, and Sir Thomas Kerdeston, and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants, of this manor, and many others, conveyed to Maud; who, with her husband, resettled them on Sir Thomas and Elizabeth, in tail, to be held of the heirs of Maud. Sir Thomas deceased in the 25th of the said King.

In the escheat rolls of the 29th of the above reign, the jury find that Sir Thomas Kerdeston was not seized of the manors of Buichamp, Henham, and Stratford, at his death; but that William de la Pole, late Duke of Suffolk, and Alice his wife, as her right, entered on, and received the profits, during the life of Sir Thomas; and that Alice, late wife of the said Duke, and Sir John Howard, were his next heirs. She was daughter and heir of the above Thos. Chaucer, Esq., and Maud his wife; and first married Sir John Phelip, of Dennington, in Hoxne hundred.

In 1764, this manor was vested in Dudley North, Esq., and the advowson is in the Crown.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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