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St. James, St. Margaret, St. Michael, St. Nicholas, St. Peter Parishes, South Elmham

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St. James, St. Margaret, St. Michael, St. Nicholas, St. Peter, South Elmham

St. James, St. Margaret, South Elmham

CHARITIES. The town estate here is partly freehold and partly copyhold; and comprises a house, and about 50 acres of land, in the parishes of St. Margaret, St. George, and Homersfield. It was found on inquisition, and decreed under a commission of charitable uses, dated 23rd August, 6th of King James I., that the yearly rents of the premises should be applied in discharging the fifteenths, tenths, taxes, and other common charges of the parishioners; as by the feoffees, or the greater number of them, should be thought necessary and convenient. The estate lets at 65 a year; which is applied in disbursement of the charges attendant on the churchwardens' office, and the surplus is paid to the overseers of the poor, and carried to their general account. In this parish is also a cottage, with a small piece of ground adjoining, which is understood to have been, by some means, appropriated to the repairing the highways, foot-paths, and church-paths, in the parish. This lets at l 10s. a year; and is applied with that of the town estate.

St. Michael, South Elmham.

This church early became impropriated to the Cell and Priory at Rumburgh, in Blithing hundred; probably by the grant of Stephen, Earl of Bretaigne and Richmond, who held here in the reign of King Henry I.

CHARITIES. A piece of land in this parish, reputed to contain 2A. 1R., or thereabouts, has been appropriated, from ancient time, to the public use of the inhabitants. This land lies intermixed with the property of William Adair, Esq., and its precise boundaries are unknown. The rent lately received has been 3 5s. a year; and it is added to, and applied with the money raised by rate, for the church and poor.

St. Nicholas, South Elmham.

The parish church has been an entire ruin for many ages.

St. Peter, South Elmham, Or Elmeham.

CHARITIES. An annual payment is made to the churchwardens of this parish, by the trustees of Henry Smith's charity, out of that part of the estate which is situate at Tolleshunt Darcy, in Essex. An account is rendered to the trustees, by the churchwardens, of the application of the money received by them (generally between 6 and l0 a year); which is distributed among poor persons.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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