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Saxmundham Parish

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Saxmundham, or Saxmondeham

In the 9th of King Edward I., this was the lordship of Thomas de Verley. The manor of Hurts, to which the advowson is appendant, was formerly the possession of the late Nunnery at Marham, in Norfolk; and upon the dissolution of that Monastery, in 1535, it was granted to Sir Nicholas Hare, Knt. It has since passed through several hands, to the Long family, who purchased the same, and became seated here about the commencement of the last century.

In the "Gentleman's Magazine," for 1829, part 1, p. 207, is inserted a very full account of this family, from the pen of an eminent genealogist; from which we deduce the following particulars:

Samuel Long, Esq., is the first noticed; who having accompanied the expedition under Penn and Venables, which conquered Jamaica in 1665, as Secretary to Cromwell's Commissioners, settled there; became Colonel of Horse, Chief Justice, Speaker of the House of Assembly, and one of the Council of the Island. He died in 1683, and was succeeded by his only son,

Charles Long, of Longville, a member of the Council, and a Colonel of Horse, in the Island. This gentleman, coming to England, settled at Saxmundham, and was chosen a Burgess in Parliament for Dunwich, in 1714. He married, in 1699, Amy, the eldest daughter of Sir Nicholas Lawes, Knt., Governor of Jamaica, by whom he had issue one son and one daughter; he married, secondly, Jane, the only daughter and heiress of Sir Wm. Beeston, Knt., the Governor of Jamaica, and relict of Sir James Molyford,. Bart., by whom he had issue three sons and five daughters.

Colonel Long deceased in 1723, and was succeeded by the eldest son of his second marriage, Charles Long, Esq., who married Mary, the second daughter and co-heiress of Dudley North, of Glemham, Esq., by whom he had issue two sons, Charles and Dudley. He died in 1778.

Charles, the eldest, was born in 1747; and married, in 1786, his first cousin, Jane, the daughter of Beeston Long, of London, Esq., and by her had issue two sons, Charles and Dudley, who both died in their infancy. Mr. Long died in 1812.

The second son, Dudley North, Esq., was educated at the Grammar School, Bury St. Edmund's; from whence he was removed to Emanuel College, Cambridge. He represented the borough of Banbury in Parliament, from 1796 to 1806. In 1812, he was returned for Richmond, in Yorkshire. On the decease of his aunt, in 1789, and in pursuance of her last will and testament, he assumed the name and arms of North; and in 1812, on the death of his elder brother, Charles Long, of Hurt's Hall, Esq., he took the name and arms of Long, in addition to those of North.

He married, in 1802, Sophia, the eldest daughter of Charles Anderson Pelham, the first Lord Yarborough, by Sophia, the only daughter of George Aufrere, of Chelsea, Esq. Mr. Dudley Long North died without issue, at Brompton, near London, in 1829.

Charles Long, Esq., partly rebuilt, and greatly enlarged Hurt's Hall,1 the residence of this highly respectable family. He was interred in the chancel of the church of Saxmundham, where a beautiful monument, from the chisel of Nollekins, is erected to his memory: it consists of a sarcophagus, over which is the figure of an angel, seated on a rock, his right hand covering his eye, and Ins left holding an inverted torch; at the bottom of the sarcophagus are two escallop shells. There are several other memorials to members of this family in Saxmundham church.

His cousin Charles, fourth son of Beeston Long, Esq., of Carshalton, in Surry, in 1826, became ennobled, by the title of Baron Farnborough, of Farnborough, in Kent. He was Joint Secretary of the Treasury, in 1800; one of the Lords of the Treasury, in 1804; and subsequently, Paymaster General of the Forces. His Lordship was G.C.B., F.R., and A.S.; a Director of Greenwich Hospital, Official Lord of Trade and Plantation, a Trustee of the British and Hunterian Museums, and a Commissioner for the Erection of National Monuments. He died in without issue.

In 1538, Thomas Pindar, A.M., was Commissary of Suffolk Archdeaconry, and Official of Sudbury. He was rector of this parish in 1551, and of Witnesham, in this county, in 1554.

July 17, 1816, died Mr. Samuel Burleigh, of this parish, carrier, at the advanced age of 93 years; being the oldest inhabitant, and having seen the town renovated four times, within the period of 74 years, of its inhabitancy. A daughter of his was then living here, upwards of 72 years of age.

That remarkable character Lieutenant John Shipp, author of "Memoirs" of his "Extraordinary Military Career," was a native of this town. He was second son of Thomas and Letitia Shipp, born March 16, 1785. From his first entrance into the army, at the age of nine years, he wore the King's uniform for thirty-two years, and, in his almost unparalleled perils, had received six match-lock ball wounds; one on the forehead, two on the top of the head, one in the right arm, one through the fore finger of his left hand, and one in his right leg, besides a flesh wound in his left shoulder, and others of minor consequence.

His "Memoirs" form one of the most entertaining books for any reader; as full of anecdote and humor, as of interesting adventure; and they bear the impress of a spirit in which loyalty and courage were tempered by much honorable principle, and a deep sense of religion as well as duty. He was also author of "The Military Bijou," and other works of a similar nature. He died at Liverpool, in 1834, aged 50 years.2

CHARITIES. The town estate comprises the site of a cottage, and a piece of meadow or marsh land, in this town, containing, by estimation, three acres; the rent of which is applied to the ordinary purpose of a church rate, agreeable to custom. The charity lands are vested in trustees; and consist of two pieces of arable land, in this parish, containing about five acres, called the "Bread Land:" annual rent, 16 5s. This land was purchased in 1657, with some gift or benefaction, of 16, and with 52 paid in satisfaction of the charity of Edmund Cutting, who, by his will, dated in 1641, directed 1s. worth of bread to be distributed weekly, among poor persons of Saxmundham. A piece of land called the "Brook Meadow," containing about five acres and a quarter, and a piece of arable land, in this town, containing about three acres: rent, together about 17 a year. 5 4s. is expended in the purchase of bread, and the surplus has been applied in the purchase of coals, which are sold again to the poor at a reduced rate. In 1746, Wm. Corbold, by will, charged his estate in this parish and Benhall, now the property of Dudley Long North, Esq., with the payment of 5, yearly; to be laid out in the purchase of bread, to be distributed weekly to eight poor persons, in and belonging to the town of Saxmundham, not receiving alms or collection, or chargeable to the parish. The testator, also, by his will, charged his said estates with 5 a year, for teaching four poor children of Saxmundham, at the school at Benhall. Stephen Eade, in 1716, gave by will, 40s. a year out of copyhold land in Carlton, now the property of Edward Fuller, Esq., to be distributed to the poor of this parish, after divine service on Christmas day; and Mrs. Alice Clarke, by will, in 1820, gave to the poor of Saxmundham 50; the interest thereof to be distributed in coals, every New Year's day.

1. An engraving by J. Lambert, from a drawing by Mr. Henry Davy, of Hurt's Hall, in Saxmundham, is given in his "Views of the Seats of the Noblemen and Gentlemen in Suffolk."

2. There are two portraits published of Shipp; one engraved by B. Holl, and prefixed to his "Memoirs;" the other drawn by J. Buchanan, eng. by W. T. Fry.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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