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Redisham Magna Parish

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Redisham Magna
Redsham or Reddesham

This was anciently the lordship and estate of a family that took their name from it. In the 9th of King Edward I., Rose de Redisham was owner thereof; it afterwards became vested in Sir John de Norwich, who in the 31st of King Edward III., obtained a charter of free warren in all his demesne lands in this parish. He founded Raveningham College, in Norfolk, and endowed it with a manor here, after the same was moved to Mettingham Castle, in the 6th of King Richard II.

In the 8th of King Henry V., Robert Garneys, who married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Ralph Bigot, gave by will, to Ralph Ms son and heir, after his wife's decease, a lordship in this parish and Barsham; and that of Weston, to Robert his son, late Edmund de Redisham, and William Barsham's, which his father purchased. His will was proved in 1425. Robert Garneys, Esq., of Kenton, inherited; who deceased in 1446, without issue.

Margery, eldest daughter of Nicholas Garnish, of Redisham Hall, married Thomas, son of Simon Smith, of Winston, in Norfolk, Esq.; who deceased in 1639, and was buried in the church-yard of Gillingham All Saints. She survived until 1656.

In 1764, Edmund Tyrrel, Esq., of Gipping, was owner of this lordship; it is now the estate of Charles Day, Esq.

This church1 was impropriated to Butley Priory, and the same was granted, in the 20th of Queen Elizabeth, to John Harcy, and John Hayward: the patronage was lately in the Bence family, and the present incumbent, Frederick Leathes, was presented by Mrs. Postle. The church of Little Redisham has been long in ruins, and the rectory consolidated to Ringsfield.

CHARITIES. In 1805, Mrs. Mary Leman bequeathed, by will, 600 clear of all deductions, upon trust, to invest the same in the purchase of three per cent, consols; to apply the dividends for establishing and supporting a Sunday School, in this parish, Brampton, and Cratfield: and she directed an equal third part of the dividends to be appropriated to each of the three schools. The sum of 9 6s. 8d. a year, received for this parish, is applied to the support of a Sunday School here.

1. The south entrance to Great Redisham church is a good specimen of Norman architecture; an engraving of which is given in Davy's "Architectural Antiquities*"

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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