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Raydon Parish

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Raydon or Rienduna

This parish was of much more consideration in former times than at the present period, and enjoyed a market and a park; some lauds here being still called the market-close, with high, low, and middle park pieces, and park lane. In 1684, the hall in this park was taken down, by Mr. Oliver Dave.

In the time of Edward the Confessor, here were two freemen holding 1 6g- acres of plough land, of the value of ten shillings. The King and the Earl had soc for escutage. It was in length one league and three quarters, and in breadth one league and three perches, and paid geld, sixpence half-penny. At that period here were two churches. This account probably includes Wangford, alias Reydon St. Peter. The church of Reydon, with the chapel of St. Margaret de Rissemere, with all their appurtenances, and the water mill of Reydon, with the mere or pool, and one acre of land lying near the mill, for the reparation of the pool, were given to the church of St. Peter, at Wangford, and the Convent there, by Ansered; and Sir Geraline de Vernun, Knt., his son, confirmed the same.

At the request of Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, King Henry II., confirmed to the Cluniac Monastery of St. Mary, in Thetford, the church of St. Peter at Reydon, alias Wangford, with all that belonged to it; in which church there were placed monks from Thetford.

In the reign of King Edward I., the lordship of this parish was in Aymer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke, who died in 1323. The same has of late been in the Rous family, for several generations; and Sir John Rous, Bart., in 1747, converted Wolsey's bridge into a sluice, to raise into pasture certain lands above it. His descendant, the Right Hon. John Edward Cornwallis Rous,. Earl of Stradbroke, is the present owner.

The Playters family, it appears, were also concerned here. In the year 1737, Sir John Playters, Bart., built a quay here; which was afterwards the property of Miles Barnes, of Satterley, Esq., and is now vested in his representative.

Tradition reports that Cardinal Wolsey was a benefactor to this parish, and its vicinity, by raising causeways, and building a bridge over the channel, that afterwards bore the name of the founder.

The following extract from a letter of Mr. Le Neve's will further point out the descent of this lordship: "As to Reydon, I find it, in the time of Henry III., held by a family called Muncheasy, of Robert Fitz waiter, as parcel of the Barony of Baynard; and from thence (as I guess only, but am not positive) by William de Valencia, Earl of Pembroke's marriage with Joane, daughter and heir of Warine de Monchusi, it came to that family; and his son Aymer de Valencia, Earl of Pembroke, dying without issue (17th of King Edward II.), it came to the family of Hastings, after Earls of Pembroke, by the marriage of Isabel, sister and co-heir of that Aymer de Valencia, with John Hastings; from the 8th year of King Edward I., I am sure of it being owned by Valence; for then a fine was levied on the manor of Reydon, by Wangford; except 12 land by the year, between Robert Fitzwalter, petentem, and William de Valence, tenentem, whereby it was granted to William, paying yearly the service of the Knight's fee, and castle guard, to Baynard's Castle, in London. Thence I need not repeat its possessors, for it had the same with Badmondesfield till 11th Elizabeth. For then I find Charles Somerset owner thereof; and in the 15th of her reign, that Thomas Rous held it. At his death, the inquisition is dated the 20th of May, in the 15th of Queen Elizabeth. The manors named are Henham, cum cravens, Reydon Bleoiles, Scarbale, Southerton, &c. And by his deed, dated 9th August, in the fourth of that Queen, granted the manor to Michael and Robert Hare, to the use of Ann Rous, for her jointure (who was his wife I believe and widow), with remainder to his right heirs. The jury say the manor of Bleoiles Reydon was worth 13 14s., but not the tenure. And the said Baron Rous died the 20th of February, in the year afore-said, leaving Thomas Rous, his son and heir, twelve years old. From this time I think I need not trouble you with the descent of the manor or family; you having descended in a direct line from the last Baron here mentioned. Pray sir, present my humble service to the Major Rous., and all persons who ask after me, being sir, your most humble servant,

"Peter Le Neve Norry."
"Great Wychingham, in Norfolk, July 12th, 1723."

In 1827, several Roman urns were discovered in this parish; one of which was preserved whole: of the remains of those picked up, some were ornamented, all contained ashes, and shewed marks of fire. A quantity of human bones were also found at the same time and place.

CHARITIES. Some parcels of land in this parish, containing, in the whole, between four and five acres, are let at rents amounting together to 7, or 8, a year; and the same are applied in the reparation of the church. An allotment of 22A.., lets at 18 a year, and the rent is laid out in the purchase of coals; which are dealt out among the poor, residing in, and belonging to the parish. A dole of 10s. a year used to he paid out of property belonging to a Mr. Aldrich, and was given by the will of Matthew Walter, in 1589; but this has not been paid for many years.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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