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Ramsholt Parish

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Ramsholt or Ramesholt

Robert de Vaux gave all the churches and tithes of his demesne, to the Priory of the Virgin Mary, and St. Andrew, in Thetford; amongst which Rhamdona (or Ramsholt) was included: Reginald de Peyton was also a great benefactor to that Abbey.

This Reginald was the first we find by the name of Peyton, and was second son of Walter, lord of Sibton, in this county; younger brother to William de Malet, a Norman Baron, lord of the honor of Eye, in Suffolk.

In 1135, he held the lordship of Peyton Hall, in this parish, and Boxford, in this county, of Hugh de Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, and held the office of Sewer to that nobleman. This Reginald had two sons, William and John; John had issue four sons, John the elder, Robert, Peter, and John the younger.

Robert was Lord Justice of Ireland, in the reigns of King Henry III. and Edward I.; and being lord of Ufford, assumed that surname.1 Peter continued the name of Peyton, and the manor of Peyton Hall, in this parish; and by that name the surviving branches of this family are still known; but it appears that issue male failed in his line about the time of King Edward III., and was continued in that of his younger brother, John de Peyton, jun., who sold to John, his eldest brother, all his lands which he held in Boxford, and Stoke by Neyland, which their father, John de Peyton, and William, their uncle, anciently possessed. In Ramsholt there still remains the ruins of a large old building, called Peyton Hall, particularly the gateway, on which are the arms of Peyton. It has since been the property of the Earls of Oxford, Lord St. John, and of the family of Waller, and now belongs to the heirs of the late Robert Trotman, Esq., of Ipswich.

This ancient and illustrious house were honored with the title of Baronets, at the first institution of that order; Sir John Peyton, of Isleham, in Cambridgeshire, Knt., being so created May 22, 161 J . The present representative is Sir Henry Peyton, of Doddington, in the same county, Bart., who in the male line, is a branch of the Oxfordshire family of Dashwood; but in the female, represents the old Baronets Peyton.

ARMS. Peyton: sable; a cross engrailed, or. Crest: a griffin, sejeant, or.

The church is remarkable for its tower, which is round, and sup-ported by three buttresses, which give it a singular appearance.

1. His descent will be given in the account of that parish.


County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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