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Peasenhall Parish

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Pisehalla or Pesnall

Ralph Fitz Norman gave two parts of his tithes in this parish to the Priory of the Virgin Mary and St. Andrew, commonly called the Abbey, in Thetford.

In the 9th of King Edward I., this was the inheritance of Walter de Norwich; and in the 18th of the same reign, the lordship be-longed to Roger Bigod, 5th Earl of Norfolk, and first Marshal of England. In the 15th of the following reign, Nicholas de Segrave died seized of the same; who left this, with his other possessions, to Maud his daughter and heiress, then the wife of Edmund de Bohun. In the 17th of the same King, Michael de Segrave held of him, in capite, the manor of Peasenhall, as of the Castle of Norwich, by the service of one Knight's fee.

By letters patent, in the 8th of King Edward IV., that Monarch granted to John, Duke of Norfolk, and Elizabeth his wife, and their heirs, the return of all writs, and all bills, summons, precepts, and mandates of the King, within certain liberties, hundreds, and manors, in Norfolk and Suffolk; amongst which the lordship of Peasenhall was included.

It became afterwards vested in the Barker family; and since, in that of Edgar. In 1764, Mileson Edgar, Esq., inherited it.

In the 17th century, the family of Berman had some interest in this parish. Nicholas Berman, Gent., resided here; his only daughter and heiress, married Sir Thomas Garrard, of Langford, in Norfolk, Bart. She died in 1703, and is buried within the altar rails of Langford church. A daughter of theirs married Samuel Kerridge (or Kerrick), of Shelley Hall, in this county, Esq.

CHARITIES. The church lands here consist of the following particulars: a pightle of about one acre, including the site of a house, which was burnt down, and a garden, let at 5 15s. a year. Two closes in Sibton, containing about 4A., let together at 21 5s. a year. These were devised by Edmund Kempe, by will, in 1490. Apiece of ground, and an allotment of 1A. 37p., made on an inclosure of Sibton Green, in 1809, let together at 2 per annum. The rents of the above are carried to the churchwardens' account, and applied towards the payment of such expenses as are incidental to their office. The town lands consist of a piece of land in this parish, containing somewhat above 14 acres, being copyhold of the manor of Bruisyard, let at 17 17s. a year, but subject to a deduction of l 4s. 6d. for land tax, and quit rents. This land has, from a remote period, been held in trust, for the exoneration of the inhabitants from the King's taxes; when they should fall, for the relief of the poor, and other good uses and purposes. A cottage, called Gifford's, in Peasenhall, being copyhold of the manor of Sibton, rent 5 per annum. These premises Robert Louffe devised, by will, in 1580, to the township of Peasenhall, to be to the use and benefit of the poor there; and part thereof to the poor of Sibton: the rent is distributed to poor widows, in weekly allowances. Edmund Cutting gave by will, in 1639, 1s. per week, in bread, among the poor inhabitants of this parish; and a rent charge of 52s. a year, is received out of an estate in Ashfield, Peasenhall, and Sibton, and distributed accordingly.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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