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In the time of King Henry II., the lordship of Wathe Hall, in this parish, was vested in Robert de Watheby, of Westmoreland; and subsequently became the inheritance of Sir Hugh (or Hubert) Fitz Jernegan, of Horham Jernegan, Knt., by his marriage with Maud, the daughter and co-heiress of Thormine, son of the said Robert de Watheby.

Sir Hubert paid a considerable sum of money into the exchequer, as a gift to King Henry II.; and was witness to a deed in 1195, by which divers lands were granted to Byland Abbey, in Yorkshire. He deceased in 1203; and the King granted the wardship of all his largo possessions, and the marriage of his wife and children, to Robert de Veteri Pont (or Vipount); so that he married them with out disparagement to their fortunes.

Sir John Jernegan, Knt., on the marriage of his son with Isabel, daughter of Sir Gervase Clifton, Knt., in 1459, settled upon him the manor of Horham Jernegan, and gave up to him the family seat at Somerleyton, retiring himself to this parish, where he was living in 1465. His will, which is dated in 1473, was proved in the following year, by the name of Sir John Jernegan, Knt., of Little Wirlingham, in Suffolk. The Wirlingham manor he bequeathed to his son Osbert, for life, as also his manor of Wathe Hall, in this parish. In 1515, his grandson, Sir Edward Jernegan, Knt., died seized thereof.

It afterwards became the estate of the Yallop family; and, in 1764, was vested in the heirs of Robert Bence, of Henstead, Esq. It has since passed as the Beccles estate.

William de Cheyney gave his tenants in the parishes of Cove and Worlingham, to Langley Abbey, in Norfolk; they had also a messuage, and 90 acres of land, in Barningham, in this county: and Robert Colvile granted them lands, and a turbary, in Lowestoft.

The Rev. Henry Harrington, D.D., rector of this parish, with Willingham, deceased December 25, 1791. He was Prebendary of Bath and Wells, Rector of Hayneford, in Norfolk, and Assistant Minister of St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich. He was admitted of Queen's College, Oxford, where he proceeded M.A. in 1777.

CHARITIES. A piece of land, containing 1A. 2R., or thereabouts, is appropriated to the poor of this parish. It is intermixed with the estate of the Earl of Gosford, and is occupied with a farm belonging to him, the rent paid for it being 4 10s. a year; which is laid out in wood for fuel, and distributed among the poor inhabitants.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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