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Middleton Parish

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Middleton or Mideltuna

In the 10th of King John, the Countess Gundreda, relict of Roger de Glanvile, Earl of Suffolk, sued Robert de Creke for a reasonable dower in a free tenement, &c., her late husband's, in this parish, Yoxford, and Bacton, in this county. Sir Robert married a daughter and heiress of the Glanviles.

This Roger de Glanvile and Robert de Creke, granted the advowson of this parish church to the Abbot and Premonstratensian Canons, at Leyston, in this hundred, founded by Ranulph (or Radulph) de Glanvile, one of his ancestors. This Monastery also held a manor in Middleton.

The family of De Creke took their name from North Creak, in Norfolk, where they were lords, and always resided. Sir Robert de Creke greatly augmented his estate by his marriage with this heiress, by whom he had a son and heir, Bartholomew; who, in the time of King Henry III., gave lands to the Monastery of St. Osyth, in Essex, and died about the 36th of that reign.

By Margery his wife, daughter and heir of Jeffrey de Anos, lord of Hillington, in Norfolk, he had three sons and a daughter, who all died without issue. John, the youngest, inherited after the decease of his brothers, and died about the 11th of King Edward I.

In the 18th of that reign, William, son of James de Creke, granted by fine to Robert, son of Hugh de Swyllington, two parts of a lordship in this parish, and the reversion of the third part, which Joan, late wife of John de Creke, held in dower, of the inheritance of William. This Wm. de Creke and Robt. de Swyllington were sisters' sons; namely, Sara and Helewise, daughters of William de Pirnho.

Sir Adam de Swyllington became heir to his brother William about the 3rd of King Edward II.: he obtained a charter of free warren for this lordship, and his other estates in this county, in the 4th of that reign. He had issue two sons, Sir Adam, and Sir Robert; and Sir Adam, son of Sir Adam, in the 46th of Edward III., released to Sir Robert Ids uncle, this lordship, with that of Yoxford; who was to hold them for life.

The family of De Swyllington derive their name from a parish in the west riding of Yorkshire, of which they were lords; but Sir Adam de Swyllington was a Lincolnshire Baron, and was summoned to Parliament as such, from the 21st of King Edward II., to the 2nd of the following reign.

Some authorities state that Bartholomew Lord Burghersh possessed this lordship in the 23rd of King Edward III., and had a charter of free warren therein, to himself, and Cicely his wife. He deceased in the 43rd of that reign, seized of the same; which descended to his only daughter and heir, the wife of Edw. de Spencer. In the 20th of Richard II., Sir Roger de Swyllington founded a chantry for this Bartholomew Lord Burghersh, and all his ancestors; which shews some family alliance.

The monastic property in this parish held by Leyston Abbey, was granted at the dissolution of that Monastery, in the 28th of King Henry VIII., to Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk: it latterly was the estate of Mrs. Freake, and the impropriation now belongs to the Rev. Harrison Packard, who also holds the rectory.

In "Cotman's Suffolk Brasses" is an etching from this parish church, to the memory of Anthony Pettow, yeoman; who married Frances, daughter of Thomas Bishope, of Kelleshall, yeoman. He deceased in 1610, aged 54 years.

In the time of King James I., John Woodcock was a resident in this parish, and was owner of an estate of about .150 per annum. He was Chief Constable of this hundred, and one of the feodaries of the patronage of Middleton, it being endowed with very little for the maintenance of a minister. Mr. Woodcock was lord and patron of Fordley. Several of his family are interred in this parish church; and also the Rev. Thomas Meadows, for many years rector of Benacre and Frostenden; whose first wife was Frances, daughter of John Woodcock; he married, secondly, Sarah, 3rd daughter of Thomas Ling, formerly prebend of Exeter; and, thirdly, Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Thomas Revett, of Brandeston, Gent., who survived him. Mr. Meadows deceased in 1742.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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