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The family of Jenney became very early enfeoffed in this lordship; they were originally of France, and are supposed to have assumed their surname from the town of Guisnes, near Calais, and probably came into England with the Conqueror: the manor of Haverland, in Norfolk, soon after that period being held by proprietors of the name of De Gisneto (De Gisne, or Gyney), which they held until the time of King Henry V.

From that house, it would appear, the above branched, and that the name in process of time, changed from Gyney to Jenney. In the 9th of King Richard II., Thomas, son of Sir Thomas Gyney, Knt., enfeoffed his manor of Gislingham, in this county, called "Gyney's," which had been lately purchased of John de Weyland: this manor still retains the name of "Jenneys."

John, son of William, son of Edmund Jenney, of this parish, was a burgess of Norwich, in 1452; and by Maud his wife, daughter and heir of John Bokill, of Friston, in this county, had issue Sir William Jenney, Knt., of Knottishall, one of the judges of the King's Bench, in 1477; and John, in holy orders, rector of Ufford, in Willford hundred, before 1483.

Sir Edmund Jenney, Knt., eldest son to the Judge, succeeded; and married Catherine, daughter and heir of Robert Bois, Esq. He died in the 15th of King Henry VIII., and left his possessions to Francis his grandson, son of William Jenney, Esq., who deceased in the 10th of that reign, leaving the said Francis a minor. Sir Edmund died seized of this manor, with Theberton, Brayham, Lowdham, and Rustings in Middleton, all in this county.

Francis Jenney, Esq., of this parish, married twice: first, Margaret, daughter, of Sir Robert Peyton, Knt., of Iselham; and secondly, Mary, daughter of Robert Brograve, Esq., of Beckham, in Kent. By the latter he had no issue, but by the former was father of a numerous family. This gentleman died in 1590, aged 80 years. His descendants in the elder branch intermarried as follows:

Arthur, his heir, born in 1533, died in = Elye, daughter of George Jernigan, Esq. of Somerleyton.
1604. Buried at Theberton.

Francis Jenney, Esq., who deceased be = Anne, daughter and co-heir of George Rede, Esq., of fore his father.                                                 Thorington, Suffolk.

Sir Arthur Jenney,1 Knt., succeeded his = Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Barker.

Sir Robt. Jenney, Knt., married in 1640, = Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Offley, Knt., of Madeley, died in 1660                                             co. Stafford.

Offley Jenney, Esq., born in 1641, and = Alethea, eldest daughter of Sir Edward Duke, of Benhall, died in 1670.                                           Bart.

Robert Jenney, Esq., of Leiston, only = Deborah, daughter of John Braham Esq., of Campsey Ash.
surviving child. 

Offley Jenney, Esq., only son, died in 1735, unmarried.

Robert Jenney, Esq., of Leiston, survived until 1741, and was succeeded in the representation of the family by his cousin, Edmund Jenney, Esq., of Bredfield. (See that parish.)

In the 21st of King Edward I., Adam, parson of the church of Knodeshale, and Adam Skill, of Westleton, brought an action against Michael Fitz John, bailiff of Dunwich, John le Folur, and Henry Ringulf, because the plaintiffs delivered a writ to the defendants, under the seal of the Sheriff, and demanded the due execution thereof; when the defendants took and imprisoned the plaintiffs for eight days; whereupon the defendants were found guilty, and the plaintiffs recovered damages, in five marks, for their trespass, and the liberty of Dunwich became forfeited to the Crown; which was soon after repossessed, by the payment of one mark, and half a mark for John le Folur, William of Cokely being surety for the payment of the same, Henry Ringulf being deceased.

Francis Vernon, Earl of Shipbroke, was formerly possessed of a large estate and manor in this parish, and also held the patronage of the advowson: the Rev. Sir Thomas Gery Cullum held the same by the presentation of the late John Vernon, Esq. The present incumbent is George Ayton Whitaker, who possessed a freehold estate here, with the manor, late the property of _______ Ayton, Esq.

ARMS. Jenney: ermine; a bend, gules, cotised, or. Crest: on a glove in fess, argent, a hawk (or falcon) close, or; belled of the last.

1. Sir Arthur espoused four wives, and had issue by each.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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