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Kettleborough Parish

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Ketelbiria or Ketelburgh

The Prior and Convent of Ely were seized of this manor before the conquest, with the advowson of the church; but Alan, Earl of Bretaigne and Richmond, deprived them of both, which descended to his brothers and their posterity, until King Henry III. obtained the possession; which he granted by letters patent, dated May 1, 1241, to Peter de Savoy and his heirs, then created Earl of Richmond.

He was uncle to Queen Eleanor, and in 1257, settled on Ingeram de Feynes, and Isabel his wife, nine score pounds per annum, in tin's parish, Nettlestead, &c., and the following year they reconveyed them to the said Peter, with 250 marks, land, &c. In 1261, Henry III. says, that his beloved uncle, Master Peter de Savoy, surrendered into his hands, to the use of Prince Edward his eldest son, the manors of Kettleburgh, Wisset, Nettlestead, and Wyke by Ipswich, with the fees of .4 13s. 4d. rent in Ipswich; and the King confirmed them to the Prince and his heirs, and so to the Kings of England in succession for ever; but the Prince, with his father's consent, made divers grants of the same.

Soon after tin's resignation Sir William Charles, Knt., obtained a grant of both the manor and advowson, with a market and fair here, to him and his heirs, to be held of the King in capite, by the service of the twentieth part of a knight's fee; in which family it continued for many generations, and then passed to the Willoughbys, lords of Eresby, and afterwards to John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, and from that period it passed as Framlingham manor, until Theophilus Howard, Earl of Suffolk, sold it to Sir Robert Naunton, of Letheringham: from which time that family were lords of the manor, and patrons of the church.

The Charles family derive their descent from William de Jernemuth (or Yarmouth). Sir William Charles, Knt., having obtained tin's estate, resided here, and erected a large house, as appears from the scite of the foundation, at the north-west end of the church. It was surrounded with a moat, and called Kettleburgh Hall. He was also patron of the church of Easton, and by Joan his wife, had issue Edward Charles, Esq.

Joan, widow of the above Sir William Charles, married Sir John Tuddenham, Knt., who held this manor in her right, and the advowson of this church and Easton, in 1286; she survived him also, and died in 1305; Sir Edward Charles, Knt., succeeded, who was 36 years of age at his mother's decease.

To this Sir Edward Charles, and Alice his wife, Henry de Hales and Trista de Kettleburgh, surrendered by fine, the manor of Milton, in Northamptonshire, remainder to William, their son. They had issue, William, Robert, Edmund, and Edward; and in 1309, he settled this estate to the use of himself, and Alice his wife, during their lives, and the reversion to his son William, and his heirs; in default thereof to his son Robert, and his heirs; and in default thereof, to the heirs of his other sons successively.

Sir Edward Charles, his elder brothers dying without issue, succeeded (according to the entail), about 1329; and by Dyonyse his wife, he had issue Robert, Edmund, and Edward. Their father died in 1344; Dyonyse his widow, re-married to Sir William de Tye, of Easton, Knt., and deceased in 1376. Sir Edward Charles, the younger brother (the two others dying without issue), died Sept. 3, 1375, seized of this manor, and left issue one son, Robert.

He succeeded, and died seized of the manor, and advowson of this church and Easton, in 1401; and devised the same to Anne his wife, she paying .20 per annum to Thomas, his eldest son, and to have the education of her other son, Edward. He was buried in the chapel of Kettleburgh church, by the tomb of his father.

Sir Thomas Charles succeeded: he married Alice, the daughter of Ralph Ramsey, of Kenton, Esq., by whom he had issue an only son, Thomas. He died in 1419, and Alice his wife, survived; who by virtue of a settlement made by her husband, was lady of the manor of this parish, and patroness of the church, and that of Easton; she granted that parcel of land, whereon Kettleburgh Hall (now so called) stood, in trust, to Simon Brook, of Easton, Gent., and his heirs; which afterwards came to Robert de Tye, of Easton, by his marriage with Alice her daughter; and their son, George de Tye, sold it to William Stebbing, of this parish, Gent. This lady, Alice Charles, lived and died in Kettleburgh, about the latter part of the reign of King Henry VI.

In the above settlement no mention is made of their son Thomas, only that he was fifteen years of age at his father's decease. It appears, however, that this Thomas, and Elizabeth his wife, about the 20th of King Henry VI., conveyed much of their estate to John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, but held here in the 6th of King Edward IV.

William, son of John Stebbing, in the beginning of the reign of King Henry VII., was proprietor of the above, and divers other lands in this parish. He had two sons, William and Thomas; and by his will, dated in 1500, charged a close in Kettleburgh with the finding of a lamp in that parish, and Hoo chancels, called hence Lamp Close.

William Stebbing, his eldest son, increased the paternal estate, by the purchase of New Kettleburgh Hall, of George de Tye, of Easton, in the 18th of King Henry VIII. He died about 1542, leaving two daughters, his co-heirs; namely, Frances, who married Arthur Penning, and Elizabeth, who in 1560, sold her moiety of the estate to the said Arthur Penning, her brother-in-law.

He resided at Kettleburgh Hall in 1556, and had issue a son, John, who died in 1591, unmarried, and a daughter, Elizabeth, who married Simon Blomfield, of Monk's Eleigh; their mother deceased in 1559, and the said Arthur married Catherine, daughter of Brook, Gent., by whom he had six sons and seven daughters. He died in 1593, seized of the manors of Brockford and Colston Hall, in Baddingham, and was interred in the chancel of this parish church.

Anthony Penning, Esq., was his eldest son by his second marriage. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Crofts, of Saxham Parva, Esq., and served the office of High Sheriff for this county, in 1607. He was in the commission of the peace in 1618, when his estate was valued at .1,500 per annum.

Mr. Penning resided latterly at Ipswich, and, dying there in 1630, was interred in the chancel of the parish church of St. Matthew, in that town, on the north side of which is a handsome mural monument to his memory, containing figures of himself, his lady, and their numerous family. It bears the following inscription, with some commendatory verses:

"Here lieth the body of Anthonie Penning, Esq. (sonne of Arthur Penning, of Ketleberge, in the county of Suffolke, Esqr.) who had issue by Elizabeth his wiffe (daughter of Thomas Crofte, of Saxham, in the said county, Esqr.) 14 sonnes and 4 daughters. He departed this life the 11th daie of Janvary, Ano Dni 1630, being of the age of 65 years."

His descendants continued proprietors of Kettleburgh Hall until about 1679, when Anthony Penning, Esq., his grandson, sold it to Richard Porter, Gent. The manor now belongs to Andrew Arcedeckne, Esq., of Glavering Hall.

The Rev. George Turner, B.A., rector of this parish and Monewden, died Nov. 9, 1839, in his 73rd year. Mr. Turner was a native of Pulham, in Norfolk, and received the early part of his education at the Free Grammar School at Bury St. Edmund's, under the tuition of the Rev. Mr. Laurentz; after which he was admitted of Jesus College, Cambridge, and in 1788, proceeded to the degree of A.B. In 1790, he married, and soon after took upon Mm the du-ties of this parish; settling himself in the parsonage house here, which he never quitted afterwards. In 1803, he was instituted to the rectory of Monewden, 011 the presentation of the late Chaloner Arcedeckne, Esq.; and in 1807, to that of Kettleburgh, patron the late Robert Sparrow, Esq., of Worlingham Hall, in this county.

Though qualified by nature and education for any station in life, his habits were retiring; and, considering "the post of honor to be a private station, "he earnestly entered upon the duties of a parish priest, and never, to the end of his life, relaxed his efforts in the due performance of them. It is to be regretted that the only memorial which he has left behind of his literary attainments, is his edition of his friend, the Rev. Robert Forby's, "Vocabulary of East Anglia," to which, indeed, he was himself a large contributor.

ARMS. Charles: ermine; on a chief, gules, five lozenges, each charged with an ermine spot. Stebbing: quarterly; or and gules; on a bend sable, three bezants. Penning: gules; three stags' heads, caboshed, argent; a chief, indented, ermine.

CHARITIES. The town estate here comprises two cottages, divided into five tenements, and 4 acres of land; these are let at yearly rents, amounting to .17 10s. 6d., which is distributed in coals and money, for the benefit of the poor inhabitants of the parish. There is also a double cottage belonging to the parish, let for .4 2s. a year, which is distributed with the rents of the town estate.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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