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Ilketsal Parish

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Ilketshall or Ilcheteleshala

There are four parishes so called, namely: St. Andrew, St. John, St. Lawrence, and St. Margaret; which are here noticed generally, and collectively. These with the foregoing parishes, of Bungay St. Mary and Trinity, with Mettingham, which follows, are commonly termed "The seven parishes of Ilketshal."

Sir Gilbert de Ilketshale was lord of this manor at a very early period; and according to the usage of those times, assumed his name there from. Thomas de Ilketshale was his son and heir; as appears by a fine levied in the 7th of King Henry III.: Gilbert, his son and heir, who succeeded, in the 32nd of that reign had a charter of free warren in this lordship.

In the 53rd of the same King, Sir James de Ilketshale conveyed an acre of land, and the advowson of the church of St. John Baptist, in Ilketsal, by fine, to the Priory of the Holy Cross, in Bungay. He married Maud, daughter of Richard de la Rokele; and was father of James de Ilketshale, who married Aliva, daughter of Sir Thomas de Weyland, the Judge.

In the 6th of King Edward II., a deed was executed between Sir James de Ilketshale, James his son, and Ida his wife; whereby James and Ida did grant the manor of Ilketsal, in Kelling, in Norfolk, to Sir James, for life; and he released to them 9 per annum, out of his 15 per annum annuity; which they were to pay him., and Aliva his wife, for the manor of Hedenham, in Norfolk. This document is dated at Ilketsal, where the parties probably resided at that period.

How long this house continued interested here is uncertain. William de Ilketshale, a younger son of Sir Robert, was living in the 19th of King Richard II. The will of Sir Thomas Ilketshale, his elder brother, was proved in 1417; by which it appears he left Philip his son and heir, and a daughter, who died soon after, without issue; and his sister's children became his heirs, in the 9th of King Henry V. He was probably the last of this ancient family. His widow remarried to William Deyvile, Esq.

In 1309, William de la Park resided here. He married Elizabeth, one of the daughters and co-heirs of John, son of James de Ilketshale; and held a manor in Aslacton, late Thomas de Chambre's; and the tenements, late Richard de Sething's; with other property in this parish, in right of such marriage.

Joan, sole daughter and heiress of the Park family, married first, John Duke, of Brampton, Esq.; by whom she had Thomas, a son and heir: her second husband was John Strange, Esq., of Norwich. It remained in the Duke family for several descents, until purchased by the Richmonds. John Richmond married Anne, daughter of Wm. Gooch, of St. Margaret's, Ilketsal; by whom he had Robert, only son and heir. John deceased in the 27th of Queen Elizabeth.

It appears to have passed from the Richmond family to that of Ganieys, by the marriage of Mary, sister and heiress of William Richmond, with Charles Garneys, Esq., a younger branch of the Kenton family; by whom she had issue Charles Garneys, Esq., of Mourningthorp, in Norfolk. James Calthorpe, Esq., married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Garneys, Esq., who brought a lordship in Ilketsal, into that family.

In 1474, John Bernard, Esq., of Norwich, bequeathed legacies to the churches of St. John, St. Lawrence, and St. Margaret, of Ilketsal; he also made a bequest to Mettingham Castle.

The several churches in these parishes were impropriated to the house of Benedictine Nuns at Bungay, by the gift of Roger de Glanville, and Gundreda his wife, founders of that Monastery.

By letters patent, dated 18th December, 29th Henry VIII., that King granted to Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, the site, &c., of the late Monastery, or house of Nuns of Bungay, then dissolved; also the manors of Bungay, called the Prioress manor, Lymborne, and Northales; and the advowsons of the rectories of the blessed Virgin Mary, of Bungay, Ilketshall St. John, Ilketshall St. Lawrence, Ilketshall St. Andrew, Ilketshall St. Margaret, and Metyngham, in Suffolk; Roughton and Redynghall, in Norfolk; and the advowsons of the vicarages, or the churches, or rectories, to the Prioress of the said house of Nuns, in right of the same belonging; and all other the possessions of the said Monastery; being of the annual value of 62 2s. ld.: to be held by him, and the heirs of his body, in capite, by Knight's service, at the 20th part of one Knight's fee, and the annual rent of 6 4s. 3d.

The Abbot of West Dereham, in Norfolk, had a lordship at Ilketsal, called Lion's; of the gift of Bartholomew, son of Peter de Brancaster, of Barton, in Norfolk.

ARMS. Ilketshale: gules; a fess between two chevronels, or; a canton, ermine. Park: azure; an eagle displayed, argent.

CHARITIES. St. Andrew, Ilketsal. A double cottage, and about two acres of land; let at l1 10s. per annum. Seven acres of land, called the "Redisham Close;" rent 10 a year. One half of the rents are applied in the reparation of the church, and the other half towards defraying the various other public expenses of the parish.

St. Margaret, Ilketsal. An annual sum is received, by the churchwardens, for the benefit of poor persons of this parish, from the trustees of the charity founded by Henry Smith, in or about the year 1626; the estates of which are situate in Tolleshunt Darcy, in Essex; an account of the application of which is given, by the churchwardens, to the trustees. The sum generally received amounts to about 5; which is given in clothing to the poor. The town estate consists of a cottage, in two tenements, let at 4 18s. a year, and 24 acres of land in the parish of Peasenhall, rent 24, subject to a deduction for land tax. The rents are appropriated to the reparation of the church, and other public uses of the parishioners.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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