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Holbrook Parish

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Holbrook. Holebroc, or Holbebroc

John, Lord Latimer, who was in the rebellion called "the Pilgrimage of Grace," in the time of King Henry VIII., married first, Dorothy, daughter and co-heir of John, Earl of Oxford; and, secondly, Catherine, daughter of Sir Thomas Parr, Knt.; and the said Catherine afterwards married King Henry VIII.

In the 35th of that reign, John Lord Latimer, his son, had livery of this lordship, with Chelsworth, Walsham, and Preston, in this county; with divers other manors in various counties, most likely through the interest of the said Catherine with her Royal consort.

He married Lucy, daughter of Henry, Earl of Worcester, and died the 20th of Queen Elizabeth, 1577, without male issue; so that, by the marriage of his four daughters and co-heirs, his largo estate became divided.

Katherine, married Henry, Earl of Northumberland.

Dorothy, Thomas, Earl of Exeter.

Lucy, Sir William Cornwallis; and

Elizabeth, Sir John Danvers, Knt.; from whom is descended the present Duke of Leeds, Viscount Latimer.

In this parish was the chief seat of the family of Clench. John Clench, one of the Judges to Queen Elizabeth, resided here: he died in 1607, and was buried in the church, where there is a fine monument erected to his memory, his wife, and children. Thomas Clench, his son, served the office of Sheriff, for Suffolk, in 1616; and John Clench, his son, served the same office, in 1639.

ARMS. Clench: gules; three gemel rings, or, pendent, 2 and 1; a chief of the second.

There is a portrait of the Judge, engraved by Hollar, published by Sir William Dugdale, in his "Origines Juridiciales," 1666.

CHARITIES. A fund of 30, the amount of two benefactions of 5 each, given for the poor, in 1662, and 20 received on the sale of a workhouse, at interest of 50s. a year; this, together with the sacrament money, and occasional contributions, is laid out in the purchase of coals.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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