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Halesworth Parish

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Halesuuorda or Healesuurda

The Argenteins became early enfeoffed in this lordship. In 1318, Sir John de Argentein, Knt., was owner of the same; and died seized thereof, in or about 1345. It was held of the King in capite, as of the honor of Chester, at one Knight's fee.

He was eldest son and heir of Reginald de Argentein, and Lora his wife, sister of Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford; to whom he gave Keteringham Hall manor, in Norfolk, in frank marriage, about 1262; which they held in 1265, and Sir John, their son, held the same in 1315.

He married Agnes, daughter of Sir William de Beresford, sister and heir of Sir Edmund de Beresford, Knt., and deceased in 1324, leaving John, his son and heir, being one year old. Agnes, his widow, remarried John de Nerford, who died in 1329; and she afterwards married John Mautravers, sen.; by whom she had issue, Eleanor, who married John, son of John, Earl of Arundel.

This lady Agnes deceased in 1375; John de Argentein, her son, being about 50 years of age: he, in 1381, settled his estates on Sir William his son, and Isabel his wife, daughter of Sir William de Kerdiston, Knt., after the death of himself, and Margaret his wife, who held in 1383.

In 1390, it appears that the three daughters of the said Sir John de Argentein, and Margaret his wife, and their issue, were heirs; amongst whom the property became divisible: and it soon after passed, by marriage, to the Alyngton family, with considerable other property in Cambridgeshire; Horseheath, in that county, their chief seat, being so acquired, about 1428, in the reign of King Henry VI. This estate afterwards became the inheritance of the Betts family; of whom the Plumers purchased, and it recently was vested in William Plumer, Esq., who was lord of the manor, and patron of the living.

ARMS. Argentein: gules; three covered cups, argent. Allyngton: sable; a bend, engrailed, between six billets, argent.

John Argall, rector of this parish, an author of note in his time, who wrote some religious tracts in Latin, was a native of London; and entered a student in Christ Church, Oxford, towards the latter part of Queen Mary's reign. He took his M.A. degree, in 1565, and obtained this living. He was held in high esteem by the neighboring gentry and clergy: being at a feast in the parish of Cheddiston, he died suddenly, whilst at the table, and was buried at Halesworth, October 8, 1606.

CHARITIES. The town estate consists of certain freehold and copyhold property, vested in trustees, in trust, that the rents and profits should be disposed of for the public uses and purposes, and general benefit of the inhabitants of this parish. Of the original acquisition of part of this property, no account can be given; but other parts of it have been purchased at different times, with money, or funds, belonging to the inhabitants. These are sometimes called the "Unappropriated Estates," and are, for the most part, in the parish of Halesworth, but partly in the adjoining parish of Holton. This property produces altogether a yearly rental of 210; part of which is subject to a charge of 3 a year, in respect of Neale's charity, hereafter mentioned; and the remainder of the clear income is applied to general purposes: namely, the repairs of the church, the payment of the salaries of the different officers belonging to the same, &c.; and also for defraying the expenses of lighting the town, the support of some almshouses, and occasionally in the purchase of coals, to be sold to the ^poor at reduced prices. Here are six small almshouses, in a row, near the church, given by one William Carey; and two other cottages in Halesworth: they are occupied by 14 poor widows; are kept in repair out of the rents of the above estate, and the inmates are supported partly by means of other charities, after mentioned, and partly out of the poor rates. In 1611, Robert Lance gave by will 60, towards the purchase of a piece of land; the profits thereof to be distributed to the poor of the town of Halesworth, where most need should require. With this legacy a piece of copyhold land, containing 5A. 3R. 9p., held of the manor of Southelmham, was purchased, which lets at 9 4s. a year. The sum of 60, given by John Phillips, and 30 5s., given by Richard Phillips, was laid out in the purchase of a messuage and lands, being copyhold of the manor of Mells Wenhaston, near Halesworth, consisting of a cottage, and HA. In. 35p. of land, which lets at 82 6s. a year; and the produce is expended in the purchase of bread, and given to the poor; and to keep in complete repair the grave-stone of the Phillips, in Halesworth church yard. Matthew Walter gave by will, in 1589, an annuity of 20s. to the poor of this parish, out of his estate at Holton; which is also laid out in bread, and given away among poor people, on Sundays. In 1650, James Keble, devised a pightle, called "Bell's Pightle," the rents to be applied yearly, at or before Christmas, to buy corn, to be made into bread, and distributed among the poor of the parish; and in 1652, John Keble devised his lands in Holton, to the relief of the poor of Halesworth; half of the revenue to be employed in the relief of widows, and the other half to bind out poor apprentices. The sum of 80, given by Reginald Burroughs, for the purchase of land, for the benefit of 20 poor people inhabiting in this town, that 20s. might be distributed unto them quarterly; the sum of 20, given by Matthew Mann, the interest thereof to be distributed in bread to the poor of the same town; and 10, given out of the town stock, were laid out, in the 22nd of James I., in the purchase of a close, called "Quintrell's," in Mells Hamlet and Wenhaston, for performance of the said charitable intentions. In 1804, William Vincent bequeathed the residue of his personal estate, to relieve the necessities of the poor of Halesworth, especially in sickness: this residue, amounting to 100, was laid out in the purchase of 2A. 2n. 18p. of land, in Holton.

The property belonging to these charities consist of the following particulars: 7A. 3r. 28p., taken in exchange for the Bell's Pightle, and the land purchased with Vincent's gift, rent 13 11s. 6d.; given in bread, and to poor persons in sickness. A house, and 4A. 0R. 7p. of garden ground, at the yearly rent of 28 16s.; and barn, stable, and 19A. 0R. 33p. of land, at 54 12s. a year; 3A. In. 18p. at 17 Is. a year: one half is divided half-yearly among 20 poor widows, most of whom reside in the almshouse; and the other half is applied in apprenticing poor boys, with premiums, usually of 15, or thereabouts. Two pieces of land in Mells, containing together 8A. 3R. 26p., rent 19 14s.: this property is ascribed to Burrough's and Mann's charities. The sum of 3 a year is paid as interest upon 60, given by Thomas Neale, for the education of poor children of this parish; the further sum of 10s. a year was given by him for Bibles, and books for the said children. A rent charge of 17 6s. 8d. upon a farm in Halesworth, the property of Mr. Chas. Woolby; one half is paid to a schoolmaster, and the other half to a school dame, as directed by the will of Richard Porter, in 1701. John Hutcher gave by will, in 1816, a pew upon the gallery in Halesworth church, the rent, which amounts to 30 a year, is paid to the committee of the national school in Halesworth.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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