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Hacheston Parish

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Hacheston, or Hacestuna

This parish was called Hatcheston justa Parham, and Parham Haston, as well as Hacheston: the manor was a member and parcel of that of Framlingham, and both were held by the same lords, from the time of the Norman conquest until Theophilus Howard, Earl of Suffolk, sold this lordship tu John Brame (or Braham), of Campsey Ash.

The advowson was never appendant to the manor, Theobald de Valoins, founder of Hickling Priory, having granted it to that monastery; which grant was confirmed in the 5th of King John, and continued in their possession until the dissolution of that house; who granted a fair here on the feast of All Souls, in the reign of King Henry III., which is still continued.

John Bull, Gent., was owner of Glevering Hall manor, in this parish, which formerly belonged to the Priory at Leiston. By Margaret his wife, he had a son, Anthony Bull, Esq., portman of Ipswich, and bailiff in 1000; he built Boss Hall, in Sproughton. Mr. Bull died in 1015, and was buried in the chancel of tin's parish church, near his parents. A good house has since been erected on this manor, by the late Chaloner Arcedeckne, Esq.; now the residence of his son, Andrew Arcedeckne, Esq., who in 1819, served the office of High Sheriff for this county.

In the time of King Henry VIII., the family of Colman resided here; and Edmund, son of John Colman, Gent., a descendant of the same, married Frances, daughter of Thomas Lambe, Esq., of Trimley, by whom he had issue three sons, and as many daughters. Francis Coleman, the eldest son, was a barrister, and steward of the manor of Framlingham. He died by a fall from his horse, in J G68, on Ms way to Martlesham.

In the 14th of King Edward L, Roger Wicklow lived here, on an estate that belonged latterly to the Nauntons, of Letheringham; and John Wicklow, Gent., died seized of the same in 1306, and in 1362, another of the same name died possessed thereof.

The manor of Blomvilles, in this parish, with the lands belonging thereto, were purchased by John Rosier, Gent., of Sir William Willoughby, to whom it was granted by King Henry VIII., at the dissolution of Campsey Priory. He married Alice, relict of Robert Coleman, Gent.

Roger Rosier, Gent., their son, sold this estate in the 5th of King James I., to Jeffery Langrey, Gent. Frances, daughter of the said Roger Rosier, died in 1698, aged 82, and was buried in the nave of the church of St. Andrew the Apostle, in Norwich.

ARMS. Rosier: argent; on a cross formee, sable, five stars of the field. Bull: argent; three bulls' heads erased, sable. Colman: party per fess, argent and sable; a cross flory between six mullets, all counterchanged.

CHARITIES. By the trust deeds relating to the town lands in this parish, it appears that the rents and profits were to be applied in the repairs of the highways, the payment of fifteenths, the relief of the poor, and other charitable purposes. Some of the land originally belonging to the trust has been exchanged for equivalent property. A workhouse has been erected on part of the estate, and the remainder of it, which comprises about 14 acres of land in this parish, is let for between .20 and .30 per annum. The rent is earned to the overseers' account with the poor rates, and applied therewith; and out of the fund thus created, coals and clothing are given to the poor, by way of addition to the relief ordinarily given out of the poor rates. Richard Porter, by will, dated in 1701, directed that a schoolmaster should be appointed by the church-wardens, and chief inhabitants of Parham Hacheston, who should dwell in a cottage there (in the will described), gratis, and have .12 a year, to be paid quarterly out of the testator's farm and lands in Hacheston, for teaching twelve poor boys of the parish of Hacheston, and of the parish of Parham, to read, write, and cast accounts, whose parents should not be worth; .30. The Earl of Rochford was late owner of the property charged by this will.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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