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Glemham Magna Parish

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Glemham Magna
Gliemham or North Glemham

The tithes of this parish, and Stratford, were granted by Ralph Fitz Walter, and Maud his wife, to Thetford Abbey, in the time of King Henry I.; and in 1324, the priors and convents, manors, and churches, of North Glemham, Dersham, and Jokesford (or Yoxford), were seized upon by the King, as belonging to an alien Monastery.

The ancient family of Edgar resided in this parish for some centuries, according to an ancient pedigree in the possession of the Rev. Mileson Gery Edgar, of the Red House, Ipswich. The first mentioned is John, the son of John Edgar, of Dunwich, Esq., who lived at North Glemham Hall, in 1273; from whom sprang the different branches residing at Brantham, Combes, and Eye.

In the parish register their names occur among the births, marriages, and deaths, from 1559 to 1699; the first was William Edgar, Esq., who was buried in the church, Sept. 3, 1559; and the last is of Elizabeth, relict of Sir Lionel Playters, Bart., who was mother of Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Edgar, Esq.; she was buried in the family vault, July 24, 1699.

In 1621, Robert Buxton, of Tibenham, in Norfolk, Gent., died seized of a lordship in this parish, leaving Robert, his son and heir, nineteen years of age. The Hon. Nicholas Herbert, youngest son of Thomas, the 8th Earl of Pembroke, who married Anne, eldest sister and co-heiress of Dudley North, of Little Glemham, Esq., possessed the estates late the inheritance of the Edgar family, in this parish. He died in 1775.

In 1237, Ralph de Blumville, Archdeacon of Norfolk, and rector of Thornham, in that county, a near relation, if not brother, to the Bishop of that name, had two carucates of land in Glemham, settled on him for life, by Stephen, Prior of Thetford; and the year before, on a suit brought against him for Thornham church, he pleaded that he held it of the gift of Thomas de Blumville, Bishop of Norwich.

The manor passed from the North family to that of Long, of Hurt's Hall, in Saxmundham; but Glemham House is now the property of John Moseley, Esq., who resides there; and whose family will be noticed in the parish of Ousden, in Risbridge hundred.

CHARITIES. The parish estate here consists of about 22 acres of land; let for .25 a year. The rents are applied, in the first instance, to the repairs of the church: the surplus, not so required, used to be distributed among the poor, but of late years it has been appropriated to the discharge of a debt, incurred in the erection of a workhouse.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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